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Without Hood - The Downbeat #1860

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Things aren't looking so bright for the Jazz, but it's not as bleak as you may be thinking. After last night's loss, the Jazz remain in 9th place, but are now a game and a half back of the Rockets. Amar will have more on that in this morning's WYWS, but the real question after last night's game is the diagnosis on Rodney Hood. If Hood does have a concussion, there is no telling when he will return. As of now he is "questionable" for tomorrow's game against the Grizzlies.

The NBA's concussion protocol states that the recovery time is different for all players, but the player must be free of any concussion symptoms before he can return to play in games.

  • The return to participation protocol involves several steps of increasing exertion -- from a stationary bike, to jogging, to agility work, to non-contact team drills.
  • With each step, a player must be symptom free to move to the next step. If a player is not symptom free after a step, he stops until he is symptom free and begins again at the previous step of the protocol (i.e., the last step he passed without any symptoms).

**UPDATE** Some good news:

Losing Hood for any amount of time could be destructive to the Jazz's hopes for the playoffs. Look at the upcoming schedule:

61 Fri, Mar 4, 2016 8:00p EST @ Memphis Grizzlies
62 Sat, Mar 5, 2016 7:00p EST @ New Orleans Pelicans
63 Tue, Mar 8, 2016 9:00p EST Atlanta Hawks
64 Wed, Mar 9, 2016 10:30p EST @ Golden State Warriors
65 Fri, Mar 11, 2016 9:00p EST Washington Wizards

That is a week's worth of games, and an absolutely brutal stretch.

One solution could be to look at players currently on waivers or playing abroad to shore up their wing lineup, which could use some help regardless of Hood's diagnosis.

What players? What about Dorell Wright? Wright just finished up a good season in China and is drawing interest from playoff teams. He played in 48 games for the Blazers, last year, at about 12 minutes per game, but he shot nearly 40% from deep. The Jazz could use that shooting. It won't happen, because Jazz, but you can just see a scenario in which Wright plays well enough to help the playoff push and earn a contract for next year.

There is some potential good news on the horizon:

If you really read into this, you can imagine that AB is close to returning. The Jazz are in a tough position [again] depending on Hood's evaluation. There could be an urgency to rush AB back, but they won't do it. However, Burks' return should be a boost for the Jazz. Say what you want about him as a player (I'm looking at you former SLCD writer now turncoat SCH writer, Clark Schmutz) he is a significant upgrade over Chris Johnson, Joe Ingles, and any of the Jazz PGs.

You can read more from Jody, here

Here is a nice article from the Toronto Sun, on rookie Trey Lyles. Trey is learning the ropes in the NBA and making believers out of Jazz fans that may have doubted him.

Overall, Lyles has averaged 4.6 points and 3.8 rebounds in 16.4 minutes a game, but in January, when Utah battled injuries up front, he showed great promise for the future, averaging eight points and 5.1 rebounds, shooting .464 from three-point range.

He has had some bright moments over the last month, but none better than his ice cold treatment of Dirk Nowitzki last month.

Finally, as players come out of the woodwork to make outlandish claims about this year's Warriors, here's something for you to ponder, Dunkers:

Who would win a 7 game series between this year's Warriors and the 97 Jazz? Would the rules of the game affect the outcome (97 rules vs. 2016 rules)? Keep in mind how good that 1997 team was and recency bias is real.