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The Rebuild Timeline Edition - The Downbeat - #1861

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Have you ever read Quin Snyder's analysis of the pick and roll, which was published in FIBA Assist magazine in December 2009?

Side note: I just love that the main picture of the article is a picture of Stockton and Malone.

Another side note: I found this because during practice this past week, Gordon Hayward was asked if he'd read this.

Additional side note: Hayward's answer was, "I have not, no. But we've probably heard all of it multiple times, so."

If you can't get enough, here's more from Quin talking about basic offense also in FIBA Assist in 2004.

If you're on Twitter, you can start to feel some fans getting antsy about the rebuild and where they think we should be. Jazz twitterer @nsanba had this to say:

From your personal standpoint, do you feel the Jazz are ahead of, behind, or right on schedule with their rebuild? Are you happy with the current timeline? Is the honeymoon over for you? Can injuries be blamed, or are they something every team deals with and therefore not to be taken into consideration in the overall picture?

Rodney Hood talks about his season so far, what he's working on, the Jazz's #playoffpush and learning how to win, and the Duke - North Carolina rivalry.

Caption this:

Raisins in baked goods: delicious or disastrous?