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The Questions Edition - The Downbeat - #1892

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Just some questions bouncing around in my head

Which notion is the worst, that the Jazz:

A) suck

B) choked

C) quit

Would the outcome of the Lakers game have been any different had the Rockets lost their final game?

The Jazz have perhaps the most "potential-rich" roster in the league, with young talent galore. Are they missing an alpha dog? Do they need one?

Which three Jazz players currently on the roster are least likely to be on the roster on Media Day in the fall?

Is fighting for the #8 seed good enough for next year?

Where do the Jazz have to go next year for you to consider the season not wasted?

Fighting for a playoff spot? Fighting for a low seed? Home court? Round 2? Conference finals? Championship or bust?

It's been 24 hours since our season was extinguished. Which best describes your state of mind?