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The Downbeat #1888 - The Questionable Edition

What does the return of Alec Burks mean to the Jazz going forward?

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

On the same night that NBA TV was replaying game six of the 1996 Western Conference Finals, the Rockets once again were feeling the pain on their home court.

Earl Watson and the Suns helped out the Jazz and the Mavericks in surprising fashion when they took it to Houston last night. What a meltdown by the Rockets.  They led by 12 after one and it looked like the route was on.  They allowed the Suns to climb back in it though and Phoenix poured in 35 points in the fourth quarter to put it away.

I joked on Twitter last night that if Watson pulled off the win, the Jazz should hang a banner.  Dante Exum might have to find a new number, but that’s a small price to pay.  At the very least they should send him sort sort of gift basket.

The Jazz of course have to take care of business the rest of the way.  While the Clippers will be leaving almost half the team in LA, the Jazz need to play with the pedal to the floor the rest of the way to ensure a spot.


It looks like tonight is the night. After three and half months away due to injury, Alec Burks likely returns tonight after being upgraded to questionable by the Jazz yesterday.

I don't think it can be overstated what he brings to the bench, one that's sorely lacking in depth.  He was the leading three point shooter at almost 38% when he went down against the Clippers. How much he plays remains to be seen. How quickly will he integrate back into the flow of things and with his teammates?  Remember, he played only 27 games last season in the first year of our lord, Quin Snyder.

Burks' injuries along with Exum's injury have been the biggest disappointments in an otherwise positive two years of player development and improvement.  I really wanted to see how Burks would play in Snyder's system with a chance to move and get Burks open looks and opportunities for drives.

Let's just hope we don't have to use the #TheReturnOfAB hashtag ever again.

Coach Quin had the day off and threw out the first pitch to kick off the season for the Salt Lake Bees.

Not bad.  Had a little giddyup on it.  Those fingers are meant to palm a basketball though, not throw a splitter.  I mean, look at those tentacles

Jazz fans weren't the only one watching NBA TV. LeBron James seemed very keen on letting the world know he wasn't watching the Warriors and Spurs.

LeBron knows what he's doing.  It's all intentional.  He's a great student of the game. Regardless of whether you agree with his recent twitter antics or comments about his teammates, it's all very scripted and very calculated.

It's crazy to think otherwise. He's had control of whoever and whatever team he's been associated with since high school and probably earlier.  The exception to that was his time in Miami where Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley could keep him mostly in check.

Game six of course never gets old.  I just wish that weren't the greatest moment the Jazz have had.

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