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Utah Jazz set new franchise record in 3 pointers made

The Utah Jazz had a 3 point bonanza against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday.

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NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, the Utah Jazz took down the Milwaukee Bucks 121 to 108, and three point shooting was the story. The Jazz made a franchise record 18 three pointers, and shot a scorching 56.2% from deep, with only a single player—Thabo Sefolosha (33.3%)—shooting below 50% from behind the arc. This is a trend, as the Jazz are the #8 team in the league in 3pt percentage, averaging 37.7% from deep for the season.

It appears the Jazz might finally be figuring out their offensive woes. It will be interesting to see how this upward trend continues when Rudy Gobert returns. Utah’s spacing has been much better while playing stretch fours (Jerebko and Sefolosha)

To continue the stat round-up, in the league, the Jazz are:

  • 2nd in steals per game (9.7, behind Oklahoma City Thunder’s 10.9)
  • 1st in free throw percentage (82.7%)
  • 6th in blocks per game (5.7)
  • 8th in defensive rating (101.7)
  • 18th in EFG% (51%)
  • 27th in rebounds (40.2, not accounting for pace)
  • 11th in defensive rebounding percentage (78%)
  • 25th in offensive rebounding percentage (19.8%)
  • 24th in total rebounding percentage (47.6%)
  • 26th in pace of play (98.1 possessions per game)
  • 25th in assists to turnover ration (1.36)

There are some major challenges to the success of this team, but if the Jazz can make shots, that will mitigate a lot of their weaknesses.

The Jazz are putting on a “Bear’s Sock Drive” tomorrow. Here are some of the details.

If you bring a pair of socks to the game tomorrow, you can get a discount at the Fanzz team store in the arena. You can also donate a pair of new adult socks at the arena after noon tomorrow, and receive a pair of tickets for the Denver game. This is a great way to help out others in a small way this holiday season, and the Jazz are giving even more incentive to do so.

In a USA Today game recap of the Utah vs Milwaukee game, Donovan spoke on what it was like to pull his highlight spin move on Giannis Antetokounmpo.

"When I made that move on him, I started smirking just because he's an All-Star and it's cool to make that sort of play on a guy like that," Mitchell said.

Mitchell scored 24 points and the Utah Jazz made a season-high 18 3-pointers in a 121-108 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night.

Mitchell, who made a career-high six 3s, had 10 points in the fourth quarter as the Jazz broke open the game and finished with a season-best 56.8 percent shooting from the field.

Mitchell is making the league take note, and pulling off some impressive feats.

There was a Rudy sighting on Saturday. He was doing some on-court work before the game.

It is good to see that his recovery is going well. It’ll be interesting to see how the team dynamics change when he is reintroduced into a team that has been a little worse defensively, but improved offensively.

After the initial backlash of the gold jerseys, I think it’s safe to say they look much better in person than they did in the initial renderings. I expect the orange gradient jerseys will be similar in this regard. I was one of the harshest critics of the gold jerseys at the first leaks, and watching the game Saturday confirmed to me that my initial reaction was hasty and incorrect, because those jerseys looked sharp and unique. I know many of you feel the same way.

It is okay that you want a purple or green jersey, but the Jazz have had those in the past and will likely have those in the future. They haven’t, however, had a yellow or orange jersey in the past. Utah is establishing new traditions by trying new things. Sometimes ungodly disasters become vintage keepsakes (ie every 90s uniform ever). Keep in mind that with the last alternate jersey, there will be an entire home court floor designed specifically to be played alongside those jerseys.

All I suggest is keeping an open mind until you see the finished product on the court.