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Ricky Rubio consistently found doing good

Rubio’s feats of service are touching the lives of many.

NBA: Utah Jazz-Media Day Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Rubio spent some time this weekend with some Special Olympics athletes:

Often when acts of service are publicized, I tend to be a little skeptical of the intentions behind them. However, I get the feeling Ricky Rubio is one who is genuine with this sort of thing. He spends way too much of his valuable time and effort on service for me to question his heart. I would encourage all of you to go out and do something in the spirit of the season, and find somebody to serve. Regardless of what holiday you do or do not celebrate, I think we can all do a little better at giving a little more of ourselves to those whose lives could stand to be made a little brighter.

Who has the most team-friendly contract on the Utah Jazz? HoopsHype made a compilation of the most valuable contract on each team. You might be surprised by who they chose. Here is a hint to who it is.

With [player] in the game, the Jazz are outscoring opponents by 7.9 points per 100 possessions – while their defense allows 7.2 fewer points per 100 possessions than when he’s on the bench.

Click through to get the answer, all I will tell you is that it isn’t Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell, though those two players could easily have fit the bill for this as well. The Jazz have a lot of valuable contracts I can think of off the top of my head, who do you think is the best deal for us?

Just as a quick stat update. According to, the Utah Jazz are:

  • 4th in FT% (80.7%)
  • 7th in +/- (+3.1)
  • 14th in ORtg
  • 7th in DRtg
  • 6th in NetRtg
  • 10th in AST%
  • 20th in AST/TO ratio
  • 23rd in OReb%
  • 14th in DReb%
  • 24th in Reb%
  • 19th in Tov%
  • 9th in both EFG% and TS%
  • 26th in Pace
  • 6th in PIE (Player Impact Estimate)

On Twitter, I posted my power rankings:

I expect these to change as the season progresses, however I feel confident about how these turned out. Yes, yes, I think OKC beats us out, simply because of the amount of star power they have. It is certainly possible for them to implode, I just think they have a slight edge on us. I also feel like Houston is currently playing better than Golden State. Who knows what will happen in April, but if any team can beat the Warriors I think it is Houston.