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Donovan Mitchell brings hope for the Utah Jazz

In the thick of a bad losing streak, Donovan Mitchell gives hope for the Utah Jazz

NBA: Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it on Wednesday night, the Jazz lost.. again. But, if you really looked very deeply, the Jazz didn’t lose anything at all. Why, you ask? Because they drafted Donovan Mitchell.

With 32 points in Chicago, Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell moved himself into first place in the rookie scoring race. Mitchell has looked incredible these last few weeks. In fact, during the last six games, Mitchell is averaging 27 points a game on nearly 50 percent shooting and 40 percent from three, along with almost 90 percent from the free-throw line. Despite this incredible recent performance, the Jazz are 2-4 and currently riding a four-game losing streak.

While the Jazz currently ride a four-game losing streak, it may be easy for some to lose hope. But if you have watched the Jazz this season, you know there is one thing-one person- in particular that should cause you to have great reason for hope. The kid’s name is Donovan “Spida-Man” Mitchell, and if he isn’t already, he’s about to become your favorite player while he wrecks havoc on the NBA.

So, in summary:

After missing seven games for a rather mysterious “ankle” injury, Rodney Hood was active for the Jazz Wednesday night. Hood scored 15 points in 25 minutes and gave the Jazz some nice scoring relief off the bench.

His injury was mysterious to say the least, and it took some time for beat writers to clarify what Rodney Hood and team doctors were actually saying about the injury.

Ever talked about who you would pick in a 3-on-3 tournament? Well, some Jazz players picked their squads, and it was some interesting variation to say the least.

I’ll take Donovan Mitchell’s squad of Lebron, MJ, and Russell Westbrook.

The Jazz face some tough personnel decisions in the coming months/off-season, and ESPN looked at questions each franchise faces with certain deadlines sneakily approaching.

The Utah Jazz announced they are participating in a gaming competition sponsored by the NBA, and released the logo of the squad.

If NBA2K is your jam, you definitely need to check out this opportunity at what seems like a pretty sweet gig.