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It’s not the most wonderful time of the year for the Utah Jazz

The December schedule has proven to be as bad as expected

NBA: Utah Jazz at Denver Nuggets Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Jingle bells, snowy bliss, hot chocolate, and of course Christmas presents are what make December “the most wonderful time of the year”. For the Utah Jazz however, December has been anything but wonderful.

We all expected December to be a brutal stretch for the Jazz just by looking at the slated schedule, but it has been just absolutely painful to watch. The Jazz dropped their third-straight loss (10th in last 12 games) last night at Oracle Arena after a 25-point drubbing from the Golden State Warriors.

These losses has become quite the norm for the Jazz in December, as it was their fourth loss of 20+ points in just the last 10 days. Before December rolled around, the Jazz were a solid 11-11, and were a plus-66 on the season. They went 4-10 with a negative-82 in December, which was the second worst next to the Orlando Magic,

It’s difficult to take these losses and see the Jazz not be competitive. After such an incredible season last year and as consistent and tough as that team was, it’s hard to see the Jazz get beat up like this for an entire month.

Between the big losses, tough-break injuries and players’ heads getting dunked on, it’s been a December to forget for the Utah Jazz. Good news is, they only have one game left of this dreadful stretch and then things start to look a little better. Hang in there Jazz fans.

One recent bit of positive news lately is that All-NBA Center Rudy Gobert’s recovery is going well and his return will be re-evaluated this weekend. Gobert’s proven to have nonhuman-like healing abilities, so it’s not to far fetched to believe that Rudy will be back by the end of January or so.

Back to some bad stuff, the recently-updated Jazz TPA analysis tracker. Just look how sad Ricky Rubio is out there is TPA outer darkness :(

Back to some good stuff (are you emotionally damaged yet?) Donovan Mitchell is amazing and continues to make everyone sad that their team didn’t draft him. In Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Re-Draft, they had Donovan Mitchell going 2nd overall to the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers fans just wish they could have a rookie like Donovan; getting in the news for his thunderous jams and 40-point performances instead of things his dad is saying or things his brother is stealing in China (sorry Lonzo).

Ending on a happy note (or a sad one I guess depending on how you look at it), a hilarious sequence of events happened last night to Derrick Favors. Favors let a pass slip through his hands going to the basket, which sparked a Golden State fastbreak. Donovan Mitchell hopped in front of a transition pass, stealing the ball and starting a break going the other way. Favors must have had is head down or something running down the court, because he was seen going completely against the Jazz fastbreak and it was high-quality television. ICYMI last night, here’s the vid: