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Utah Jazz Downbeat #2039 - How the LA Lakers ruin everything Part 34893482

The NBA Trade Deadline approaches, but an old foe continues to wreck everything.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are heading to the NBA Playoffs, but 20 years ago they went to the NBA Finals. They are doing something about it that’s pretty cool. What’s not cool is the Lakers and how they are messing up our team, even when they aren’t directly tampering. Let’s also take a look at what Twitter is doing to the NBA Trade Deadline, and vice versa. PLUS: GREG OSTERTALK !

If you are an old person like me who almost fully lives in the past glories of yesteryear, this is great news:

The 1997 Utah Jazz are going to be back in SLC for the home game against the New York Knicks (currently coached by former starting shooting guard Jeff Hornacek)! It’s going to be lit!

I still don’t know what lit means, but it’s probably going to be less lit because Karl Malone (The Mailman) isn’t going to be there.

That seems like . . . kind of a big goof somewhere down the line. He averaged 27.4 ppg, 9.9 rpg, 4.5 apg, 1.4 spg, and 0.6 bpg while playing in all 82 games that year. He was an All-Star, All-NBA 1st team, All-Defensive 1st team, and NBA MVP that year. Just, you know, kind of a goof somewhere.

The All-Star Weekend wasn’t just about Gordon Hayward and his magnificent beard. It was also about arguably more marketable (we see you The Ringer) international players Dante Exum and Trey Lyles. Watch their video!

I hope both of these guys have long careers in Utah, they seem like fun people when they are out of their shells.

Speaking of Dante, the big news is that his agent Rob Pelinka is now joining the Magic Johnson run Los Angeles Lakers as their General Manager. He can’t continue being a sports agent and a GM at the same time. So this means a shake up for a number of players:

PG: Derek Fisher, Dante Exum, Shabazz Napier, Tyus Jones

SG: Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Avery Bradley, Andre Iguodala, Eric Gordon, Buddy Hield, Shabazz Muhammad, Dion Waiters, O.J. Mayo, Morris Peterson

SF: Gerald Wallace, Corey Maggette

PF: Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Channing Frye, Derrick Williams, Marquese Chriss, Julian Wright

C: Chris Kaman

Kind of cool how the Lakers sent Lou Williams over to a team that sports two of Pelinka’s clients during their whole “Contender Push” during their current window. Agents and front offices . . . and the players they play with . . . usually carry with them a great gravity of influence. So let’s look at what super-duper NBA vet reporter Steve Luhm (of the SLTRIB) had to tweet:

We all remember Dante being in national ads for big brands like Adidas and Foot Locker before he was selected by the Jazz. How many ads has he been in since then? (How many went to D’Angelo Russell since then?) I personally remember my e-mail inbox being flooded with people at marketing and PR departments of these big brands giving me things to write about / promote to help Dante out.

Dante Exum After Party 01
100% not a posed product shot. Take my word for it.

After that first year they just stopped their full-court press. Being in Utah is a drag on your star power — which is evidence of both how amazing it is that Hayward is an All-Star and also of how editors of national publications will write 2,000 words on why Hayward shouldn’t be one because he is unpopular.

So are Pelinka’s players going to be dispersed around the world of agents and agencies? Or will they all be joining one agency? Or will they all be joining one NEW agent called Pob Belinka or something? We’ll find out, I am sure.

Tell me what this tweet from Derrick Favors means:

Lots of people on twitter already tried. But I think the average SLC Dunker is more creative and funny than the average Twitter user.

Greg Ostertag was interviewed on the radio. Moni’s got you covered.


Best memory of your career?

Probably most likely John [Stockton]’s shot. I mean, that was phenomenal. That was probably the best playoff game I’d ever played for the Jazz, and I fouled out and I was so bummed that I didn’t even watch the last play. I was over there, I had my head down — and not pouting, but just nervous.

And all I — I had to watch the replay to really see what had happened. I just, you know, the, it went in, John hit the shot, and all of a sudden I heard everybody jumping and screaming.

And the one thing I remember most about that replay was Greg Foster and Stephen Howard were sitting next to each other, and when they got up to run on the court, Greg was flailing his arms and punched Stephen Howard in the face. And I just remembered seeing that.

Greg Ostertag, via Interview, via Moni, 2017