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Utah Jazz Downbeat #2070 - One. More. Game.


NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It’s type for the Utah Jazz fans to get hyped for the NBA Playoffs! One more day of the season though, so let’s get to it!

This, “normally”, would be the end of the season for us. How sad that not making the NBA Playoffs became the normal thing. Not this year though, and hopefully not for a long time. It’s game 82, and then the post-season. But there’s some unfinished business.

If the Jazz win and the Clippers lose the good guys have home court. Any other combination means Utah starts the playoffs on the road.

Tonight is Fan Appreciation night, so we always root for the win. Let’s see it happen!

Let’s Go Jazz!

Game 82 is a crazy game, almost no matter what. We’ve seen guys go for big numbers to try to get scoring titles. We’ve seen end of bench guys blow up out of nowhere. And we’ve seen high priced guys heading for free agency with their bags already packed. The Ringer put out a list of the Game 82 All-Stars:

You might be surprised to see some faces you forgot. Speaking of The Ringer, former SB Nation guy Kevin O’Connor sheds some light on Five plays you need to know for the NBA Playoffs.

And you bet there’s some great insight on the Jazz’ Xs and Os. Click on it asap to read about what we’re seeing from George Hill complete with video and word breakdowns. But we’re not done with The Ringer just yet. Legend Shea Serrano looks at all the NBA Playoff teams and grades them upon a “Fear Index.”

It’s not just worth the read to see what he says about the Jazz. But also the Clippers. (The Boris Diaw line is epic!)

The Utah Jazz: [Closes eyes so tightly that they almost fuse together.] Gordon Hayward averages 29.6 points in the Jazz-Clippers series in his playoffs coming-out party. → The Jazz beat the Clippers in six. → Hayward’s confidence skyrockets. → The Jazz lose to the Warriors in the second round, but Hayward is devastating in the series, and becomes a national sensation. → Rudy Gobert averages eight blocks a game for both series. → He starts calling himself “The French Mark Eaton” in interviews. → He, too, becomes a national sensation. → Sensing the team is about to make the jump, Hayward opts to sign an extension early to stay in Utah. → As a result, Utah signs a very solid, championship-pedigree free agent after the season (Andre Iguodala, perhaps). → They make it again to the second round of the playoffs, this time losing a heartbreaker Game 7 to the Spurs. → Chris Paul, an unrestricted free agent the following summer, goes to Utah. → And now it’s a fucking problem for the rest of the league. → 2019 Western Conference finals: Utah Jazz vs. Golden State Warriors.

Shea Serrano, The Ringer, 2017

Man, check it all out over at .

Now for something completely different — I think we love how the Utah Jazz are going to stay in Utah. Jonah breaks down what this means, how it happened, and if it can happen somewhere else.

Seriously. It’s a non-in-house-media interview with Gail Miller. Check it out!


Actually, these numbers are pretty good - but I’m just trying to get into the head space of SLC Dunkers who don’t like numbers. It must suck reading my work then. (And not just for the regular reasons why reading my work would suck.)

If you do read this it tells the tale that the Jazz are great on defense and above average on offense. The Jazz defense has been consistently great all year long, while their offense is jumpy. Sometimes it jumps up, sometimes it falls down.

I look to injuries for the smoking gun here.


  • George Hill - missed 33/81, 41% of season
  • Rodney Hood - missed 23/81, 28% of season
  • Gordon Hayward - missed 9/81, 11% of season
  • Derrick Favors - missed 32/81, 40% of season
  • Rudy Gobert - missed 1/81, 1% of season

Bench Rotation:

  • Dante Exum - missed 7/81, 9% of the season
  • Alec Burks - missed 35/81, 35% of the season
  • Joe Ingles - missed 0/81, 0% of season
  • Joe Johnson - missed 3/81, 4% of season
  • Boris Diaw - missed 9/81, 11% of season

Deep Bench:

  • Raul Neto, missed 6/81, 7% of season
  • Shelvin Mack, missed 10/81, 12% of season
  • Trey Lyles, 0/81, 0% of season
  • Joel Bolomboy, 0/81, 0% of season
  • Jeff Withey, 0/81, 0% of season

That’s that much more impressive in my mind that the defense has been so solid - regardless of who was out there. Of course, yeah, Rudy was always out there, so maybe he’s the key guy here. If so, shouldn’t he be DPOY?

Blazer’s Edge put up a Western Conference hype video. Watch it!

The Western Conference playoffs are going to be a blast!

Are you ready for a rematch?!?

Posted by Blazer's Edge on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Did you get hyped? No? Okay, wait for our series previews then.