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Utah Jazz Downbeat #2074: The moving picture edition

Sorry this is late. I blame Xenu.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a moving picture worth? At the very least, I hope it’s worth your time Utah Jazz fans. Check out this beat!

I’ve had crushing migraines today, hence the late start on the content. Be aware - I did what any sane person would do and took a whole lot of pain killers. I’m in playoff mode too, not just our players. Gotta tough this one out. I’m ready, coach!

NBA: Preseason-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, by the way, this is breaking news. Free Throws still exist in the NBA Playoffs. And the Jazz need to work on theirs.

During the regular season the team averaged 17.1 FTM (22nd) per game, while attempting 22.9 (16th NBA rank) per game. They shot .747, which is “good enough” for 24th in the NBA. There are 30 teams, mind you. That’s a lot of extra points they left at the line. (Nearly 500, if you are keeping score. And the scoreboard is.)

For the entire 15 man roster only 8 guys averaged 75% or better (3 out of 4), but only four guys shot 80% or better (8 out of 10). Of the five most free throw attempting players things were mixed:

  • G.Hayward - 5.9 FTA/G, .844
  • R.Gobert - 5.9 FTA/G, .653
  • G.Hill - 4.0 FTA/G, .801
  • D.Favors - 2.2 FTA/G, .615
  • R.Hood - 1.9 FTA/G, .783 -- tied with A.Burks - 1.9 FTA/G, .769

That’s not excellence at the line, except for Hayward, and a lesser version of it with Hill. As a team they did have the 12th best ratio of FT/FGA at .215. But things have gotten worse in the NBA Playoffs.

This team went to the line 19 times (which is less than 22.9), and shot .684 from the line, which is a lot less than .747. Gordon went 5/5, and Ingles went 3/4. Everyone else struggled except Hood, who went 2/2 but probably should try to get to the line a little more. I dunno, I have nothing against Hood. Scratch all that, Hood did a good job. 2/2 from the line in a two point game is good.

What’s not good was Favors going 1/4, which if he shot his usual 6/10 means he should have made more than one of his four attempts (2.668). We’re not pointing fingers here. It’s a team thing, and there’s no greater indication than the FTM/FGA ratio.

The Jazz for the season were at .215, and in game one they were down all the way to .165. That’s a big deal, especially when LAC is making 88.2% of their attempts.

Fouls and three pointers will win this series. The Jazz lose free throws in Game 1, but won threes. And they won the game. It’s only going to get harder from here on out.

Okay, ZDOG. It’s your time to shine. Wow me.

Wow. Well, yeah. Wow.

Let’s watch another video to cleanse the palate:

Well done! I hope our guys come out strong tonight!

I’ve been participating with our homies over at Clips Nation during this series. I don’t know if you saw it, but Part 1 was before the series started.

Part 2 dropped today.

Fear is a great motivator. I think the Clippers are in a Must Win Game 2 situation right now. How strange is that to see for a 50+ win team with home court?

Okay, now this is the video content we want as Jazz fans.

Can we get a 8’ version to wrap Rudy Gobert in?