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Utah Jazz Downbeat #2066: The Stayward Edition

Your Thursday Downbeat!

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

I love this so so so so much.

Here is the video of Kenyon taking down Karl Malone

Love how Karl Malone gets right back up. No wasting time acting hurt. Just gets up. No one would dare give that man a wet willy!

Speaking of wet willies!

Here is a Poem about Gordon Hayward set to Casey at the Bat. It is written by Shea Sherraro for the Ringer. Some of the timing of when events actually happened are off but its pretty cute.

A snippet:

And still, his first season in Utah was slow, only 17 games did he start;

But his skill was undeniable, and there was no questioning his heart.

He grew better every game, and he grew better every week,

And he grew better every month, slowly stretching toward his peak.

2014: He hit a game winner against the Cavs and he dunked Joel Freeland into ash.

The Mavs took his Jazz to the wire in 2016, but his shot to end the game was cash.

He made Delonte West mad in a 2012 game in Utah, and so West did something silly;

He stuck his finger in Gordon’s ear; HE GAVE GORDON A WET WILLY.

Its fun.

There was quite the scene on Twitter yesterday when people got word of the Stayward campaign.

Many fans feel it is fun and just a way to show appreciation to Hayward.

Jody stated his opinion quite strongly that he was not in favor of the billboard but did say fans could do what they want.

Go to Jody’s twitter if you want to see more, he tweeted a lot about it.

Andy Larsen had a different take:

Andy even wrote an article with more quotes from Garrett Jones (the person who started the Stayward campaign)

More from Jones

"With this group that we have right now, it's been fun to watch them grow together," Jones said in an interview with KSL Wednesday. "Gordon Hayward especially is one of those players that can transform a franchise."

Locke supports it also

I respect everyone’s right to feel however they want. I do think if fans want to show Hayward their support in that way the should. I also think if you believe fans who boo players influence players to leave then maybe a positive billboard couldn’t hurt with showing Hayward how we care. Now, if you believe that fans booing makes no influence at all (which is kind of me) then maybe you think the billboard won’t influence Hayward’s decision at all. I think it is fun and its creative of the fans that want to participate/donate to it.

Love love love this catch from Kris. (our dear leader)

I love to see that emotion and frustration from Quin. I love to know that fans aren’t the only ones frustrated with the injuries.


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