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Utah Jazz Downbeat #2082: The Beat goes on

Playoff stories and more!

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers
Ayy Macarena!
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The Utah Jazz are in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. No matter what, that’s a step in the right direction for this team that languished for years under a different leadership group until the DL/QS era. Sure, the Golden State Warriors are tough. But if they can bleed we can make them. But it’s not all about bravado here. We have some very important news:

So are we! And we are very happy that The Pink Grandmas got to watch the game! (And they have a little scottie dog too!)

According to the stalwart reporters that have yet to be fired from ESPN, the Golden State Warriors were rooting for the Los Angeles Clippers to beat the Utah Jazz last round.

It’s . . . complete trash. I’m not even from Utah and I used to live in Los Angeles, and this is just complete trash. Do Astronauts tell NASA “Nah” when selected to do research on the ISS for 200 days straight without any access to gravity filled Dance Clubs? This is, if anything, just a psyops to get Utahns to be mad.

After all, the Dubs thrive on an insult, real and/or imagined; and they love to manufacture animosity. They motivate themselves this way. This is what they do. If they were playing in Chicago they’d say stuff about gun violence and the need to stay in their hotel rooms. I’m not even going to quote that article.

Video interlude! Coach Nick breaks down what Rudy Gobert’s actual defensive impact was on the court in the first few games he played in; and then he looks at how Gordon Hayward is getting good looks on offense!

Personally? I love that we live in an era where independent groups are producing high quality videos with basketball analysis that’s more than just ESPN/TNT/ABC talking heads just joking around at halftime. And I love that we’re seeing these guys #TakeNote of the Utah Jazz and produce content about the team that I love.

If you are not quite done with the Clippers, we got a chance to dismiss them earlier today:

Others are in the process as well. Ball Don’t Lie’s Eric Freeman is on fire here:

It’s a verbal beatdown worse than what the Jazz did on the court to them. Also, because Crying Jordans is thing, we get this from Sean Kennedy:

Well deserved!

Last night on TNT’s broadcast they went over to Kevin Garnett for his “Area 21” segment - and he was talking with Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace about the “Art of Intimidation.”

TNT, Turner Sports

I’m including the screen grab to prove that it existed because it apparently does not anymore on the internet. (Original link) I searched YouTube for it and it’s not uploaded either. Anyway, these guys discuss why you need to intimidate your opponent, situations in the past where it was successful, and the changing way of the NBA that’s moving away from this mental game. However, they mention a few current players who are capable of intimidating their opponents. Kawhi Leonard is mentioned, but he’s not an in your face, vocal intimidatior. Patrick Beverly gets his props as well for being that perimeter disruptor with a mouth. But a guy they do key in on is Draymond Green.

Dray is not afraid to be physical, give you an extra shot here or there, or get into it after the whistle is blown.

One guy they did not mention is Rudy Gobert. And I think Rudy needs to develop into someone who is a league-wide intimidator. Right now he is because of the scouting reports and film sessions. But I want to see him continue to grow into someone who is outright feared.

I hope he gets a chance to see this Area 21, and find motivation in NOT being listed / named.