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In-depth conversation catching up with Karl Malone

What has the Mailman Karl Malone been up to?

Sears Shooting Stars Competition 2014 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

ESPN caught up with the Mailman for an in-depth interview and they cover quite a bit. From wrestling, to the Dream Team, to Stockton, and LSU recruiting, it covers quite a bit.

Here’s the link to that.

If you could ask the Mailman any question, what would it be?

To go with the theme of interviews, put out a substantial piece on Donovan Mitchell, and his unexpected turn from projected mid-1st-round pick to stardom, and some of his thoughts on the matter. I love Donovan’s humility, it really makes it easy to connect with him and understand how it must feel to be going back to watch film and seeing yourself blowing by LeBron James.

Here’s a little snippet:

Mitchell, a former star high school baseball player -- his father, Donovan, Sr., was a former minor leaguer who’s now an executive with the New York Mets -- has taken to Snyder as quickly as he bonded with Pitino, with whom he stays in touch despite Pitino’s ouster from Louisville in November.

“Coach (Snyder) and I, the good thing is, we have a relationship where, he’ll call a play, call a play for me, and I’m like ‘no, coach, Joe (Johnson) just hit two. Let’s get Joe a third one,’ ” Mitchell said. “And he’s like, he’s not offended when I speak up. We have a relationship where we can talk back and forth. There’s no disrespect. It’s just, I give my opinion, and he listens. Sometimes, he says no. It’s because he’s been in the game a lot longer than I have, obviously. But it’s just the fact that he allows me to give my input in, and allows me to learn that way, that’s awesome.”

Jazz Gaming had their first meet-up to play NBA 2k18 at City Creek this weekend. According to their tweet, they had people drive from as far as New Mexico to be there. It is awesome to see the Jazz embracing this new wave of gaming culture.

Personally, I’m hoping for some Utah representation in the new and buzzing Overwatch League.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a graphic designer in the NBA? 99U interviewed Rodney Richardson, a man who has had quite the impact on NBA branding.

The NBA is usually involved every step of the way. The league and the teams work closely together and with us. Every time we’re talking about things, we’re usually participating in the meetings together. It just helps ease communication and ensures that we’re all aware of everything as decisions are being made. We can explore, expand, and do all sorts of things, but there’s also accountability, because these identities have to represent the teams, the league, and the game of basketball.

“I can’t think of a project where we haven’t gotten the players involved, too. We need their insights, and not just about the game, but on the aesthetic side, too.”

With color palettes and how they’re brought to life, graphic styles that are authentic to the game and the culture of the game, and what parts of the story get them fired up. We want to know how they see these things authentically lived out in a way that’s going to impact the game.

If you could have any job in an NBA front office that did not involve player management, what would you be?

Time for the fun part. Remember Bryce Cotton, the fan-favorite third-string point guard in the 2014-15 season? Well he is making waves in the Australian league, and just hit a wild buzzerbeater to net a win for the Perth Wildcats. He is averaging about 21.5 points per game this season, and last season had a game where he dropped 45 to help his team win the NBL Grand Final game 3 and take home the championship.

Here’s the link to that video.

And while we’re on the subject of buzzerbeaters, remember that Joe Jesus game winner in last playoffs? Well somebody put Titanic music over it and it gives the whole thing new meaning.

If this doesn’t give you goosebumps I don’t know what will. Oh wait, yes I do.