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Return of the X: Episode II

Dante Exum aims at comeback following All-Star break

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Injury news has not been good for the Utah Jazz as of late. Amid the already-heaping pile of injuries, Thabo Sefolosha’s season-ending knee surgery was yet another disapointment. But the Jazz did receive some pretty great news regarding Dante Exum, which helps make up for something.

Exum received the OK to resume non-contact activities Wendesday afternoon, as reported by Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune. Jones also mentioned that Exum is targeting a return for the game following the All-Star break.

The Jazz still haven’t given an official return date, but league sources tell The Tribune that Exum hopes to come back following the All-Star break

Exum’s return would be huge for the Utah Jazz. The Jazz have relied heavily on rookie Donovan Mitchell this season, and they could use another athletic guard in the backcourt. We’re all rooting for Exum to make a successful comeback for the second time in his career.

It’s good to see Exum dribbling and shooting. It will be even better to see him do it in a live game, which hopefully comes very soon.

Ever wondered what was the story of Jazz international swingman Jonas Jerebko? Wonder no more. Jerebko joined media personality Michael Rapaport on his podcast, and made for a pretty entertaining listen.

Unless you want to listen to Rapaport go on a random rant about lobsters, fast forward to the 20 min mark where he begins talking with Jerebko.

Jerebko discusses his unique path to the NBA, his professional developement in Europe, getting drafted by the Pistons, and ultimately winding up on the Utah Jazz. He talks about Quin Snyder, and tags him as “one of, if not the best” coaches he has had.

If you don’t mind a bunch of casual f-words, it’s a pretty entertaining listen and a cool story of Jerebko’s life and basketball journey.

The Jazz received their mid-season report card from Bleacher Report, and the result was actually pretty good.

They tabbed the Jazz with a solid B, with most of the reasoning centered on drafting Donovan Mitchell.

If the Utah Jazz had accidentally burned down Vivint Smart Home Arena, forfeited a dozen games by oversleeping and forgotten their shoes on a five-game road trip, they still would have gotten at least a “C-plus.”

Donovan Mitchell’s emergence is that big of a deal.

Intersting grading strategy. It’s too bad Donovan Mitchell couldn’t get me a B in my Calculus class in college.

Earl Watson’s preference for his “three-man squad to rush opponents locker room” took the cake. Jerry Sloan, Jerry Sloan, and Jerry Sloan, and ain’t nobody messing with that group. I just want Earl to clarify if his Sloan is suit Sloan, or John Deere hat Sloan. I’ll assume the latter.

So, newsflash everyone; Donovan Mitchell is really good. The Jazz took it to the Kings Wednesday night, and Mitchell had a hayday dunking on the entire franchise on his way to scoring 34 points.

Mitchell bumped his season average to over 19 points, putting him in some good company for rookies in the nearly the last two decades.

There are two takeaways that everyone in the world should have after Mitchell’s performance.

1. If the season ended today, Donovan Mitchell is your Rookie of the Year

2. Donovan Mitchell needs to be in the dunk competition

That is all.