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Donovan Mitchell should be an All-Star

Stuff those ballets and get Donovan Mitchell to All-Star Game!

The losses have piled up as of late, but there’s still a lot to be excited about as a fan of the Utah Jazz. The trade deadline is fast approaching, and you never know what GM Dennis Lindsey has up his sleeves. Rudy Gobert is nearing return and hopefully so does the Jazz defense. Plus we have this kid named Donovan Mitchell.

Ho hum another day and another stat putting Donovan Mitchell with pretty elite company. This is just your daily reminder at how special Mitchell has been so far this season. If you haven’t voted for him today, shame on you. Jazz fans need to unite behind this kid and get him some votes!

There’s been some pretty impressive fan artwork for Mitchell’s All Star Game Campaign.

As I said, go and vote with any means available to you!

Karl Stalone 32 has our only Fan Post of the week, where recommendations on how to think about Rodney Hood were given:

Disclaimer: This article does not suggest that Rodney Hood is in any ungodly way, shape, or form Gordon Hayward.

This isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison of their style. It’s just to look at how successful G was/n’t and Rodney Hood is/n’t in their first year on the top of the scouting report. Take over 2018 like you’re the rookie of the year.

Interesting to think about and worth looking through the comparison. Are we too hard on Rodney in his first year as a primary option?

The Ringer put out a couple articles with some good Jazz related comments. The first was their 10 biggest post-Christmas questions:

6. Which West Team Are We Sleeping On?

They have a top-10 defense, a perennial Defensive Player of the Year candidate possibly returning soon, and this guy:

“This guy” they refer to here is obviously a certain Spida Man. The second article was a New Year’s Resolutions piece:

7. Watch more Donovan Mitchell.

Take over 2018 like you’re the rookie of the year.

The national attention that DM is garnering is pretty impressive. It took a former player 7 years to receive this much attention. His play on the court is mesmerizing and his personality off is infectious.

I’ve got a random question for you Dunkers out there for point number 5 today: who is your all-time favorite Jazz player and why?

As for me, John Stockton is number 1 and I don’t even have to think about it. I grew up idolizing him as a kid. From jerseys, to backyard reenactments, and elementary school english papers. I loved how unselfish he played and how he made everyone around him better. He was a fierce competitor and a true point guard. The greatest point guard in my opinion.

That being said, the trajectory of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell is pretty lofty! As I mentioned, we still have a lot to look forward to, even if that doesn’t translate to wins right in the moment.