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The Utah Jazz are the hottest team in the NBA

The NBA is loving the Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell

NBA: Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are on a 10-game win streak and the NBA is taking serious note.

Look at the production going into videos from the NBA just for the Jazz! This is uncharted territory, what is going on?! Two words, Donovan Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell is making a serious case for Rookie of the Year. Don’t believe me? Ask people with more knowledge!

One of the first big names to jump on the Donovan Mitchell bandwagon from the beginning was Michael Rapaport.

This, Mr. Rapaport, is how you gain allies amongst Jazz Nation. In case you missed it, Donovan Mitchell was on Michael Rapaport’s podcast a couple months ago. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.

But Michael Rapaport isn’t the only one talking about Donovan Mitchell for Rookie of the Year, NBA players are giving their opinion on it as well.

According to Demarcus Cousins and Demar DeRozan, Donovan Mitchell is the rookie of the year.

How does Damian Lillard feel?

Seems to be pretty clear how some of the best players in the league feel. But sure, let’s listen to national columnists and bloggers, most of them based out of the North East, claiming that it’s close.

Interesting side note about the Rookie of the Year conversation, it’s not close.

It’s time to start talking about the impact of Royce O’neale. With Ricky Rubio out the last couple of games, O’neale has stepped up in a big way. In the big win in Portland against the Trail Blazers, O’neale led the team in plus/minus with a +28. Against the Spurs he was a +8 and made this defensive play to seal the win.

It is clear that Quin Snyder was a fan of the play.

O’neale is quietly turning into one of the biggest pickups this offseason. It won’t be long until you hear his name more and more among NBA circles. It helps when you’re making plays like this.

Another part of the Jazz winning streak is the amazing chemistry of the team. I loved this tweet from Jae Crowder.

After only two games, Crowder has fit in seamlessly as a big part of this team. There are going to be players in the league that will see this and want to be a part of it. And who doesn’t want to play with this guy?

Finally, the Ringer and Sports Illustrated are taking note of the Jazz as well. The ringer NBA show talked about the Jazz and Donovan Mitchell as rookie of the year.

Sports Illustrated had a Q&A with Donovan Mitchell.

Soak it in, Jazz fans. This is not normal. But Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are anything but normal players so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.