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The Utah Jazz are poised to make a playoff run

The playoffs are in sight, but the Jazz have work to do

NBA: All Star Saturday Night Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like ages since Donovan Mitchell blew up All-Star Weekend. But thankfully only a few days remain before the Utah Jazz look to continue their win streak.

Bleacher Report recently looked at some of the teams “poised to make a post-all-star game run” and the Jazz are one of them.

Though the Utah Jazz are still in the 10th seed, I appreciate Dan Favale mentioning just how good Rudy Gobert has been and how much he helps the Jazz win.

At the same time, most signs point to the Jazz’s recent dominance being closer to a harbinger of normal, if only because it coincides with Rudy Gobert’s return. They notch a league-best defensive rating when he’s in the lineup, and the Gobert-Derrick Favors-Joe Ingles-Donovan Mitchell quartet has been statistical money for most of the year. Why wouldn’t the Jazz thrive with their best player at full strength?

Can the Jazz keep up the win streak when games start again?

Donovan Mitchell connected with a lot of friends and fans in LA. Probably my favorite of Mitchell’s fans has been Michael Rapaport. This video of Rapaport and Mitchell is a lot of fun with Rapaport getting Donovan to show a different type of dunking.

I also appreciated Donovan doing some recruiting of Celtics players. Let’s see how you like it, Ainge! In this picture we see Donovan and possible future Jazzman Jaylen Brown.

The Salt Lake City Stars are having Rudy Gobert Bobblehead Night and I want one very badly!

Now’s the chance for Jazz fans to see Nazareth Mitrou-Long and Tony Bradley in action and get a sweet Rudy Gobert bobblehead!

It never ceases to amaze me how much beautiful artwork comes from Jazz fans. Here are two of my favorite pieces I’ve seen recently.

Keep up the amazing work, guys!

Sports Illustrated released a story that tells the story of a hostile work environment inside the Dallas Mavericks offices. It’s an important read for everyone.

There’s no telling what will happen with the investigations of the Mavericks, but only good comes from having light shined in dark places. Hopefully if anything like this is happening elsewhere in the NBA, or all of sports for that matter, this story will help to get rid of it. We all deserve a safe environment in our workplaces.