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How long will the winning streak last?

After a week-long rest, how long can the Jazz ride out the winning streak?

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have won eleven games in a row. Yes, eleven. They have played like one of the best teams in the NBA during the last month plus, and have dismantled some of the league’s top teams.

The eleven-game winning streak is tied for the fourth-longest in Jazz franchise history. The all-time record for most games won in a row is 15, set by the 1996 squad led by none other than legends John Stockton and Karl Malone. Just four wins separate this year’s team from reaching that incredible milestone. At the start of January, most of us would have thought it was impossible for the Jazz to string together three wins in a row, let alone 11. Now they sit with a *chance* to string together a few more, and break a 20-year-old record.

According to 538, the Jazz are projected to win their next six games, which would extend the streak to 17, good for the franchise record.

Just the fact that the Jazz are favored to beat Houston is pretty incredible. This team has clawed, scraped, and battled their way back into the playoff conversation, and the league is taking note. With the way the Jazz have played during this streak, it’s not insane to say they might actually beat Houston at home. But they will need to keep the same mindset as they have during the last eleven games, and that is taking it one game at a time. Portland’s next baby.

Donovan Mitchell is a lot of things. He’s proven himself to be smart, humble, insightful, fun, thoughtful, funny, and incredibly good at basketball, to name just a few. Most recently, another quality that Donovan MItchell has displayed, is loyalty.

Amid the recent developements of the huge scandal that occured with University of Louisville’s basketball team, Donovan Mitchell has backed the organazation and it’s players. Louisville was stripped of all wins from a mutli-year period, including their 2013 NCAA National Championship.

You might have your own opinion on the collegiate scandal and recruting violations, and that’s fine. But seeing Donovan Mitchell stick up for his friends is pretty cool. He has shown that he’s loyal, even during times of pressure and controversy, which is a good sign for a franchise player.

Speaking of loyalty, this is a common topic of coversation among Jazz fans regarding Donovan Mitchell. After Gordon Hayward’s departure, it’s natural for fans to feel a bit of anxiety about seeing another beloved player leave in free agency. However, If it hasn’t already presented itself a million times; Donovon Mitchell is not Gordon Hayward. His situation is entirely different, given his rapid burst in his NBA progression as opposed to Haywards six-year developement. But still, it is a legitamate hypothetical worry. Even outside of “small-market” Utah, you just never know when your favorite player might up and leave your beloved franchise. It’s just how things are in 2018 in the NBA.

This tidbit of tweet was an intersting sign of hope, not that we should even be thinking about that right now, but take it for what it is.

My personal take: just enjoy Donovan Mitchell right now. He’s so friggin incredible.


I really hate to leave y’all with bad news, but well, sometimes that’s just how life is.

Ricky Rubio’s hips do not lie. And unfortunately is appears that this injury is more serious that we had hoped. I have two good hips, I really don’t need both of them do I? How soon can I donate my hip to Ricky Rubio? How good of a life can one live with just one hip? I’m willing to risk it all in the name of Ricky Rubio. Get better Ricky, we miss you on the court brother.