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The Jazz get a passing grade at the deadline

Though news of the trade brought multiple people to tears

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Following the eventful trade deadline from yesterday, some of us are still trying to wrap our heads around the changes to the NBA. The Utah Jazz participated in the deadline drama by essentially dealing Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson for Jae Crowder. Only time will determine how much better or worse it makes the Jazz.


No, seriously. Always. No matter what he’s talking about.

Personally, I’m hoping the all caps tweeting is an indication of his hard work and dedication. Otherwise, somebody needs to fix get him a new phone/computer that doesn’t have caps lock stuck on.

Current Jazzman Thabo Sefolosha had a serious old geezer moment when he remembered he played with Jae’s dad, Corey Crowder, back in Europe.

It’s probably not common an NBA player to introduce himself by saying “Welcome to the team, I played with your dad.” But maybe it could build some quick team chemistry.

Basketball Insiders did what just about everyone does after trades (aside from declaring who “won” the trade). They graded each team in the trade. The Jazz got a solid “B” for their part.

With Hood sharing the same position with emergent rookie Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz decided to get something for Hood rather than keep him as he entered restricted free agency. Crowder is known as one of the best defensive small forwards in the NBA and shot almost 40 percent from three in Boston last season. Normally such a three-and-D stud would be untouchable, but for some reason, it didn’t work out in Cleveland.

For the Jazz, Crowder is a worthy gamble who should lock down the other wing position next to Mitchell. He’s on one of the NBA’s most team-friendly deals with two more guaranteed seasons at under $8 million per. There’s some danger that Hood could blow up in Cleveland and make the Jazz regret this decision.

It’s a fair grade. The trade was solid but it’s not one that’s going to change the Jazz in a significant way, so I’d have a hard time giving Utah an “A” even though I don’t see much wrong with the trade.

While most Jazz fans took the departure of Joe Johnson well, sending him their best wishes and thanking him for the good times, this young fan took the news pretty hard.

Fortunately for this heartbroken little girl, Joe Ingles is a freaking boss and decided to help her out with a gift.

She may have lost her favorite player, but it looks like she might get a new favorite player whose name is also Joe, and could have his jersey to boot.

Apparently crying after hearing about trades is not reserved for 5-year-old girls. It’s also the privilege of adult males as well. This video went viral.

No word on whether Ingles is also getting this man a new jersey.


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