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Quin Snyder calls for the Jazz to improve mindset and toughness

If the Jazz are going to make the playoffs, they need to be tougher

Utah Jazz v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Jazz had 22 turnovers in a loss to the Houston Rockets on Monday. Every single game matters at this point of the season, and even though they were playing arguably the best team in the NBA, the Jazz had a chance to win. After squandering a 15-point halftime lead in a matter of minutes, something seemed to have broken in the Jazz and they ended up getting blown out on their home court to a very tough, yet undermanned Houston Rockets team.

It was a weird loss to take in, for all of us. Quin Snyder seemed particularly irked by the loss. Snyder is usually very calm, cool, and collected during post-game interviews, even after tough losses. But after the Houston loss, Snyder had some somewhat uncharacteristic moments with the media, and let some comments fly (which were actually pretty refreshing.)

Snyder also made some interesting and insightful comments about the Jazz’s mindset and toughness.

These comments were interesting to me, because for one, I think the Jazz are already a tough team. I don’t think Snyder was saying that the Jazz weren’t tough, but that if they stand any chance of making a run into the playoffs, they have got to be even tougher.

If you watched the Rockets game on Monday, you could definitely see what Snyder was talking about. The Jazz must be tougher, and more mentally sharp if they are going to make it to the playoffs, which has been their goal this season.

The Jazz came up in a few free agent discussions over the last few days, but nothing actually became of it.

When Booker was waived by the 76ers, many thought he would be a good fit back on the Jazz. It would have been fun, but the Jazz seem to have their rotation cemented in place and apparently didn’t see the need for Book back in SLC.

Corey Brewer was also mentioned in the same sentence as the Jazz by a few media personalities, but Brewer ended up signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Again, could have worked, but the Jazz will stick to their current players for now and hope to improve as a team.

Here is your weekly reminder that Donovan Mitchell went to the Rudy Gobert School of Social Media Pettiness and Awareness.

If you are like me, you love to have guys with chips on their shoulder. Even though Mitchell has gotten a lot of love in ROY talks, he still seems to seek out any slander or disrespect circulating on social media. In this instance, he “liked” a tweet slandering Ben Simmons and the fact that the got finessed by the Heat in crunch time. Pretty good stuff if you ask me.

In case you were wondering who Gail Miller’s favorite player was, here you go:

Have to say she has pretty good taste.

Rudy Gobert utilized his days off this week to get out and enjoy the SLC scenery. It’s always kind of fun to see the players post pictures and videos showing themselves enjoying what makes SLC, and Utah, great places to live in.