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Joe Ingles, the unsung hero of the Utah Jazz

A certain Australian has quietly been helping the Jazz win games.

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In the NBA, consistency is a valuable trait. Players you can rely on to regularly hit their open shots aren’t as common as we might think. On top of that, when those sharpshooters have other skills, like defense or playmaking, suddenly you have a valuable role player on your hands. Such is the case with Australian-born Joseph “Jinglin’ Joe” Howarth Ingles. In the standings, we see teams that have a single star, but poor role players surrounding them, and the team is unable to succeed relying solely on the star player’s efforts. However, when you pair one or more star players with highly skilled role players who fit the coach’s system, that is when you start to see some W’s.

I found this very interesting summation of Joe Ingles’ career as a basketball player, from his time before the NBA to where he currently stands. Joe certainly deserves some respect for what he brings to this team.

In Friday’s heated match against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jae Crowder may have let slip a few choice words while he was within earshot of a fan.

I love the passion, grit, and vibe Jae brings to this team. He is certainly a fantastic fit with what we’ve got.

One of the strengths of this year’s team is the chemistry between players. In years past, players would mingle, but it seems there is a true friendship this year that is unique and special. This time, a few of the players were having a “war”, where they would find embarrassing pictures of one another and post them on Instagram.

Then Donovan got Rudy involved...

I have a feeling Donovan might regret that!

One fan responded to the war with a picture of a very young Donovan Mitchell.

This team is so much fun to follow.

Not to open old, crusty wounds, but Tosh Mackintosh pointed out an interesting statistical comparison.

One thing that set Gordon apart was his ability to improve from year to year. Players like Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors have shown a similar ability. With what we have seen so far, I think Donovan has a similar work ethic to improve every year. If he’s already putting up fringe-all-star numbers in his rookie year, the Jazz may have something very special. However, let’s not crown him before he earns it, please. We don’t want Donovan to think that he’s made it when he could still improve. He and Rudy need to maintain a hunger to improve over the next couple years if we are to have a chance at challenging for a championship.


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