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The dark days of the 10 seed are almost over

The Jazz are nearly free from the shackles of the 10 seed.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We’re so close.

The Jazz have been in the 10th spot in the Western Conference for what seems like an eternity. Even after an 11-game winning streak, and winning 16 of 18 games, they have not moved up a single spot in the standings.

But incredible ground has been gained on nearly the entire conference, and the Jazz are only 3.5 games back of having HOME COURT ADVANTAGE IN THE PLAYOFFS. It’s been such a crazy last couple of weeks for the Western Conference, and it’s just going to get even crazier in the weeks to come. Things seem to finally be catching up for the Jazz, in a good way, being that the teams in front of them are finally starting to lose. Jazz fans can thank both lottery teams (thanks Mavs) and championship teams (thanks Cavs) for their recent victories over the Nuggets, which has gotten the Jazz the closest they’ve been to the playoffs since the beginning of the season.

538 now gives the Jazz just below an 80% chance to make the playoffs. After the Nuggets’ loss to the Cavs, the Nuggets drop to 44% (!!). We all know that these are just odds, and that the Jazz can in no shape or form take their foot off the pedal during this playoff push.

It’s been a month since the NBA trade deadline, and all of the respective madness that ensued on February 8th. Did the Jazz win their trade? Since trading forJae Crowder, the Jazz have gone 8-2. They were already mid-winning streak when they made the trade, but Crowder has been a solid add for the Jazz. He’s averaging 12.7 ppg coming off the bench and has found a nice groove in Quin Snyder’s rotation. Crowder also adds some pretty considerable twitter strength to the Jazz, which was put on display with some recent beef with Jimmy Butler. I’M A BIG FAN OF JAE’S ALL CAPS TWEETS, THEY JUST RESONATE REALLY WELL WITH ME. You can always use twitter strength in today’s NBA.

Meanwhile, Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson have settled into their new basketball homes in Cleveland and Houston, respectively. Hood has struggled a bit shooting the ball at just 32 % from three, but has contributed to the Cavs, still just looking to find his place in the offense. Joe Johnson has played pretty significant minutes in Houston, and hasn’t lost yet in a Rockets uni.


One month later, How do you feel about the Jazz’s trade?

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The time has now arrived to board the Rudy Gobert 2018 DPOY hype train. Yes, he missed significant games due to an injury. But his impact on the Jazz since his return has been absolutely phenomal.

See how high that line (Jazz defensive rating) gets without Gobert? See how far below it gets below the NBA average with him now? Rudy is destroying all signs of life right now, and it’s about time he gets some serious consideration for DPOY, especially given the somewhat weak field this season.

Here is your bi-weekly reminder that Joe Ingles is the best.

That awkward moment when your parents still want to be friends with your ex.

All kidding aside, Gordon Hayward’s dad (Gordon Sr.) seems like a good guy. Has nothing but good things to say about the Jazz organization and fanbase despite probably hearing a lot of bad things toward his son over the last couple of months.

“I was rooting for the Jazz,” said Gordon Sr. “I was a Pacers fan growing up but now I’m a Jazz fan and a Celtics fan.”

If only it were that simple, Gordon Sr. If only..