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The day before OKC-Utah: The calm before the Vivint Storm

It’s Playoff Donovan’s turn to play host in the postseason

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like there is too much time between these playoff games. But Donovan Mitchell could probably use the time to make sure his foot is 100% (though based on his performance Wednesday, I’m not sure there is any cause for concern). Still, waiting several days for the next installment of this saga is almost excruciating. Though, there are a few things that can hold us all over until then.

The story of Donovan Mitchell gets re-told anew every few weeks because every few weeks, someone new is forced to #TakeNote. With his historic scoring output for a rookie, there are few that remain unimpressed. Even Business Insider got in on the action in a story about how Mitchell had to change his role before the season started (It’s actually not that good of an article, it piggy-backs off work done by ESPN. It’s just interesting that a business website is writing about Mitchell)

One stat that shows up in that story, and that has been running around the interwebs, is Mitchell’s point total through his first two playoff games, 55. For rookies, that ranks first among guards and is tied for fourth all-time according to Basketball Reference. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (69), Marques Johnson (57), and David Robinson (57) sit above him with Lou Hudson being tied with Mitchell. One small nugget is Karl Malone scored 54 points in his first two playoff games, which previously ranked fifth all-time in this incredibly specific record.

For those curious, this same record through three games is also held by Abdul-Jabbar at 102 points with Jordan in second with 88 points and Robinson in third with 83 points. To beat those marks, Mitchell would need (in order) 48, 34, and 28 points. No pressure.

If you don’t follow BBallBreakdown, you might want to consider it. They share some good insights and yesterday they released a video on Utah’s gameplan, specifically, one offensive set they used in the win over the Thunder.

You know who isn’t getting enough credit for the win on Wednesday? Jonas Jerebko. During game one, I wasn’t exactly high on Jerebko after watching him give up three straight baskets to Carmelo Anthony.

Seeing that, I thought Jerebko shouldn’t see the floor again in the playoffs (and even expressed that view on Twitter). But then in game two he had a solid 10 points, five rebounds on 5-9 shooting. His +19 was higher than everybody except Joe Ingles (+21).

Jerebko may not be a significant force in this series or for the Jazz as a team, but his good play certainly helped Utah in game two.

The Utah Jazz got some time on The Lowe Post podcast. Jazz talk begins at about the 46-minute point.

As of the moment I write this, there are 22 people who need to un-retweet a certain tweet.