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Should we be surprised the Jazz are dominating the Thunder?

Donovan Mitchell has been outplaying Russell Westbrook and Paul George like we all expected

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Game four between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder was a battle and the NBA looked back at the tape to decide if any suspensions were in order. The play that got the most attention was when Russell Westbrook left the bench after Raymond Felton hit Rudy Gobert in the beignets. (h/t Brent Barry for that line from last night)

Shams Charania reported that Russell Westbrook will not be suspended, but fined $10,000 instead.

It’s good to be a star in the NBA.

Strange as it may sound, this is probably good for the Jazz. The Jazz defensive schemes have done a great job containing Westbrook’s aggressive style, especially in transition, and having him play means less adjustments that need to be made.

Kevin Durant was asked whether he was surprised by the Jazz 3-1 lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder. His answer was great.

National Pundits like Charles Barkley are starting to realize just how good the Jazz are. But the players (like Durant) and blog boys out there have known for a while that the Utah Jazz are a legit threat to upset anyone on any given night.

Rachel Nichols brought up a great point about the Jazz/Thunder series. There will probably be some who, if the Jazz close out the series, will consider it an upset. But is it really? With deserving ROY, COY and DPOY candidates on the team, maybe it’s not an upset at all.

I also love how much love Jazz fans are getting nationally for how loud they’ve been and the special connection with the team.

Ricky Rubio has been slicing up defenses like a ronin warrior. His man bun has been an important part of the Jazz winning ways and now Dunkers can show pride in the Spanish Samurai with style. Get your Ricky Rubio “Spanish Samurai” tshirt so you can feel the power of the man bun!


Finally, I hope that Jazz fans are enjoying just how special this season has been. Just when you think the season couldn’t get better something else happens that warms your heart.

Seeing Jerry Sloan get a high five from David Stockton’s son gives me all the warm fuzzies.

Then you see Donovan Mitchell get caught up in the emotion from the crowd and it takes things to another level. I can’t remember a season filled with so many great moments. This will always be the season where everything turned around, the season that started another era of unprecedented winning and maybe, just maybe, the title Jazz fans have always wanted.