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Ricky Rubio has emerged as the secondary scoring threat the Jazz needed

Ricky Rubio, the elite three point shooter

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As of right now, the Utah Jazz have all but solidified a spot in the playoffs. One of the biggest reasons has been the offense generated by Ricky Rubio who, over the last 15 games, is shooting 45% from three and averaging 17 points per game.

Over the last 10 games Rubio is shooting 51% from three and averaging just under 19 points per game.

This is a massive plus for the Jazz who now have two offensive threats in their back court that can overcome the times when their defense falters.

For example, last night the Lakers shot 70% from three in the first half and created a 12 point lead against the Jazz. That’s when Rubio turned it on and dropped 25 points in the first half alone.

It led the Jazz to a 41 point second quarter and a lead that they never relinquished.

It’s also not just three point shooting for Rubio that’s improved. He’s become a better finisher at the rim and also has developed a consistent pull-up game in the mid range.

With the playoffs looming, this is the perfect time for Rubio to be turning it on. The Jazz defense is as stout as ever and with Rubio becoming a threat from three, it will create even more space on offense.

Don’t look now but the Utah Jazz are currently in the 4th seed in the playoffs.

If the playoffs started today, the Jazz would face the San Antonio Spurs with home court advantage. This could prove to be a favorable matchup for the Jazz who won the season series 3-1.

With no signs of Kawhi Leonard returning, the Jazz have to be excited about their chances to advance in the playoffs.

Thabo Sefolosha was suspended five games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program.

After Shams Charania’s tweet was released, Thabo put out an apology.

Thabo has been a great addition to the Jazz with leadership and experience. He’s also been a great part of Utah where he literally saved a woman’s life.

Count me as one who’s glad to have Thabo on the team and can’t wait to see him suit up again.

It looks like Mehmet Okur is in town!

Lately Memo has been hurting my feelings with how much he’s been conversing with Goran Halward and then his unfortunate dunk contest tweet.

I personally am ready to forgive these small things for all the amazing memories with Memo in a Jazz uniform.

Royce O’neale recently switched agents and is now represented by the same people who represent Donovan Mitchell.

Considering how much great publicity Donovan Mitchell has gotten this season, this could prove to be a great move Royce O’neale who has become a pleasant surprise for the Utah Jazz.

This also connects Donovan Mitchell and Royce O’neale long term and may mean they have a bigger likelihood of staying together.

Whatever the case, Jazz fans can only hope this means O’neale stays with the Jazz longterm after what has been a very impressive rookie season.