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Donovan Mitchell is building something special in Utah

He’s the hero we needed but not what we deserved

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz - Game Six Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Just when you think that Donovan Mitchell couldn’t be loved more by Jazz fans, he releases an article like this.

If you haven’t read Mitchell’s Players’ Tribune piece yet, click the link and then come back.

It’s a great piece written in Donovan’s voice that gives Jazz fans a window into his loyalty to the team and to Utah. But it also shows his intense competitiveness that drives Mitchell to where he is now and deep into the playoffs this year.

My favorite part of the article was where he mentions Jazz fans waiting for the team at the airport. It was a great night.

It’s crazy to me that only a year ago, I was still deciding whether to even be in the NBA at all — whether to stay in school or to enter the draft. And I made the best decision of my life, no doubt. One, because I had a rookie year I can be proud of. Two, because, man … I just love this league. But maybe most of all, I know I made the right decision because I ended up where I belong.

Playing for this team, for this city.

Jazz fans: I’ll see you around this summer — and I’ll see y’all in October for sure.

Hopefully the next time we hang out at the airport, we’ll bring a trophy.

I don’t know what Jazz fans did to end up with such a special rookie, but we’re embarking on an incredibe era of Jazz basketball. Is it October yet?

Sometimes Rudy Gobert tweets prophetically. Last night he tweeted what was surely a look into the future.

Watching how close the Warriors and Rockets series has been, it’s hard not to imagine the Jazz are closer to competing than previously thought. It’s not a question of IF the Jazz will be competing in the Western Conference Final but WHEN.

Joe Ingles decided to provide the figurative cherry to the sundae Donovan Mitchell provided.

Is there anything better than being a Jazz fan right now? It’s a rare combination to have so many fun personalities to root for on a legitimately competitive team.

More pre-draft workouts. This time with local prospects!

Dennis Lindsey is turning over every stone. There may not be anything that comes out of this workout, but it’s comforting to know that the Jazz won’t miss out on any intel that could lead to a surprise prospect.

In non-Jazz news, the NBA world blew up with the news that Bryan Colangelo, general manager of the 76ers, allegedly has burner Twitter accounts that he used to criticize players, leak front office info, and boost his image.

It’s a wild story.

It’s no secret that NBA front offices have burner accounts they use to get a pulse on their respective fanbases. But for a team general manager to be managing five burner accounts to badmouth players and leak front office info is incredible.

The NBA never ceases to entertain!