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Young Donovan’s Cuteness might rival his current Greatness

Mitchell continues his record-breaking year

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday wasn’t a great day for Utah Jazz fans after a Game 4 loss against the Houston Rockets. Houston now leads the series 3-1, with Game 5 on tonight. Hopefully today’s Downbeat brings some smiles back to Jazz fans’ faces.

We’ll start off with our friendly neighborhood SpidaMan, except this is back when he was a SpidaBoy. Donovan Mitchell threw up a throwback picture of him back when he was a little kid in New York Mets gear.

Who knew that little Donovan would turn into such an incredible basketball player a few years down the road. Also, that face sure looked familiar...

We love our Wonder Boy and SpidaMan!

John Stockton has been seen around Salt Lake City a little more ever since his son David was signed by the Jazz. More Stockton’s in Utah is always a good thing. More Stockton Shorts around Vivint SmartHome Arena? Brilliant!

With the return of a throwback jersey in the works for next year, this sounds like the perfect season to have a Stockton Shorts Night. Please make this happen!

For our Fan Posts this week, we have ADS_BRAKES talking about the Utah Jazz Crowd Behavior:

Ok, so I will start by pointing out I’m Australian so I spell beviour, colour, favour and many other words with a ‘u’. I’m sure you can all handle it.

Welcome. I love seeing Australian Jazz fans! Anyways, here’s more from the post:

Having followed the Jazz on a 9 game holiday some years back (and having the Salt Lake Tribune refer to me as “Superfan”) I got to experience a few different stadiums. Miami was loud. Orlando was like a library where 2 other Jazz fans and I almost made it a home game for us. Atlanta was loud and fun. Charlotte was a massive party as they were unveiling the return to the Hornets that night. Memphis was loud but seemed very welcoming. Staples Center just seemed like a tourist attraction and didn’t have much going for it. I found the same at MSG in New York too on another trip...

Finally, the point I wrote this. My suggestions are as follows:

1. Boo mercilessly whenever the opposition has the ball (can include whistling) as it is intimidating.

2. Cheer loudly for our team as usual.

3. Free throw. This should be fun as players are used to having booing and screaming with waving strips. Try something different. The players are used to silence in the gym too so everyone should be loudly hissing or going “shhhhh” whilst leaning to their left. As the player goes through the motion to shoot, the whole crowd behind the goal leans over to their right.

mulrich also talks (admittedly a little early) about the 2018-2019 Season:

I’ve been thinking about how the jazz can improve next season. The biggest opportunity is probably free agency, which deserves its own post. The next biggest chance to improve will likely come from Mitchell. Mitchell had a historically great rookie year and the changes he makes during the offseason will give us an indication of how good he can become...

The Washington Post decided to revisit the day Donovan Mitchell won over the Utah Jazz:

“I’m not going to sit here and say we master-planned this,” Jazz General Manager Dennis Lindsey said last week. “To say that he could be a leading scorer, what, seven games in a row or whatever it was, making history as a first-year player, we didn’t see that coming.

“It’s kind of just grown to this point. We’re certainly enjoying the ride, I’ll say that.”

That’s why May 27, 2017 — the day Mitchell officially sold the Jazz on his potential — could wind up becoming one of the more important dates in franchise history...

It goes on in more detail about the workout Donovan had in Salt Lake, which lead Dennis Lindsey to threaten everyone with their jobs who had knowledge of the workout if anything were to slip.

“So, I’m not sure if that’s one of my finer moments in leadership,” he said.

But he didn’t deny it. In issuing that keep-it-in-house demand, Lindsey made it clear that the Jazz was going to do its best to try to draft Mitchell.

Sorry for the Donovan Mitchell-heavy downbeat. He has a way of making the news. I’ve also already referenced John Stockton in this one, so I may as well just keep up the theme going. Donovan Mitchell broke another Utah Jazz record during this playoff run.

I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to feel with Donovan breaking a record held by John Stockton. Am I supposed to be happy, excited, disappointed, or what? I think I’m all of the above, which leaves me confused and conflicted... In the end, we have a lot to look forward to as Jazz fans for a very long time.