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Thank the Millers for the Utah Jazz

Larry H. and Gail’s legacy

Imagine if the Utah Jazz did not exist. Imagine if the New Orleans Jazz had originally been moved to one of the other potential locations. Imagine if they had came, but sold out to one of the many bidders that have come asking. What would Salt Lake City be like? What would the state of Utah be like? What would many fans around the world be like without the memories of John Stockton and Karl Malone in Utah Jazz uniforms, or without the excitement of what Donovan Mitchell's future will be like?

I know there would be a pretty good hole in my childhood as well as my current life. My love of basketball started with #12 and #32. It continues this day after having just experienced one of the funnest Jazz seasons of my life. The Jazz are a rallying point and almost a lifeblood of the state. Utah as an entire state is put on the map on an international scale in large part because of the professional basketball team. I can’t even imagine this place I call home without the Utah Jazz.

I bring this up because I’ve been reading Larry H. Miller’s autobiography Driven. I've also listened to a good portion of Gail Miller’s autobiography Courage to be You. Both of them are great books and I learned a significant amount of Jazz history, but also the personal lives of the ones responsible for the Jazz remaining in Salt Lake City.

If you haven’t read the books, especially Driven, then I strongly encourage you to. The amount of risk that Larry H. and Gail took on to ensure that the Jazz would stay in the small market of Salt Lake became even more real to me. From loads of debt, to navigating difficult times due to NBA salary increases, they stuck through it all. The opportunities to cash in big time on his investment also never stopped coming, which most businessmen would have taken in a heart beat.

Gail cemented their hard work and sacrifices to keep the team here by placing the franchise in a trust last January. I think I can speak for many of us by saying thank you for the contributions to our community and our lives. We love our Utah Jazz!

On a much lighter note, the famous Bad Lip Reading videos added to their series by compiling an NBA edition. I get excited every time a new one of these come out! Everyone’s favorite rookie makes it in as well.

Holy Fan Posts. Seriously everyone, it’s the offseason so you can take some time off*! We definitely love and appreciate the contributions.

*Unless you’re a Jazz fan, in which case you have to live and breath Utah Jazz on any day that ends in Y.

Sorry I didn’t give everyone a snapshot of each FanPost. I was worried about a wall of words for beat #3. That does not diminish the quality of the content, so be sure to check out everyone of them. They will help you with your offseason withdrawals as we continue to prepare for the draft

A user on reddit (ManuGinosebleed - solid name by the way) recently put together an interesting exercise. Click on this link for the original page.

They compiled a list of the best Jazz team at a specific age. What say you, SLC Dunk. Which particular age group is the best overall team? Which age group will become the best overall team 10 years from now?

There’s an overwhelming consensus around the NBA that LeBron James should sign with the Utah Jazz. Ok so maybe it’s not so overwhelming... And that consensus consists of a small number of people. But it is real I tell you!

Unnamed sources that are definitely legit: LeBron James to Utah confirmed.