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Rudy Gobert is awarded the Locksmith Award from NBPA

Two years of dominant defense has made Rudy Gobert a household name

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell won the NBPA’s rookie of the year equivilant: the Leader of the New School award. Rudy Gobert also took home some hardware courtesy of the NBPA.

As the defensive force that powered Utah’s late-season turnaround and short playoff run, it makes perfect sense for Gobert to get this award. And it should go quite well with his NBA All-Defensive team and hopefully a future Defensive Player of the Year distinctions.

In addition to getting an award via his fellow players, Gobert was also a topic of conversation on UNINTERRUPTED yesterday.

Keeping with the theme of Jazz bigmen, The Deseret News had an article that discussed how the team needs a long-term solution at power forward. Essentially, it’s another entry in the “what should the Jazz do with Derrick Favors” conversation. A topic every media outlet covering the Jazz has address and will continue to address.

It’s a good read that covers the pros and cons of each scenario. The whole Favors situation is very complex with no easy solution. I don’t envy the people who will have to make the decision this offseason because it could have far-reaching consequences on Utah’s future and championship potential.

The Jazz held even more pre-draft workouts yesterday. Here’s the crew they looked at.

A lot of these guys end up being second-round fodder, but these workouts can be the best way for the front office to get an up-close look at guys who aren’t in the draft spotlight. Boring as it may seem sometimes to see names you don’t recognize on workout lists, this is where GMs can work magic by finding a diamond in the rough.

The offseason can be hard to deal with, but as always, Jazz fans manage.