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Donovan Mitchell is carrying the torch

It’s a new golden era of Jazz basketball

Yesterday was Karl Malone’s birthday and so there was a full day of Mailman goodness on NBA TV. They showed his 50 point game against the Sonics where he completely took over the game in dominant fashion.

I also watched “The Shot” that took place in the 1997 Western Conference finals where John Stockton willed the Jazz to the NBA Finals.

It was a great reminder of the golden era of Utah Jazz basketball.

Donovan Mitchell tweeted something simple yesterday to pay homage to Karl Malone.

This may seem like a small thing, but it shows an understanding from Mitchell of the love of this city for the Jazz’s legacy and how to build a legacy of his own.

Salt Lake City has embraced this new era of basketball so fully because it finally has that set of stars that not only win, but embrace the city too.

Obviously, Jazz fans haven’t been without great basketball since the Stockton and Malone era. They saw a remarkable run in the transition era of Andrei Kirilenko that brought more wins than anyone expected. There was also the Deron Williams era that, even though it ended on a sour note, was still filled with great basketball memories. Even the Haywood era culminated in playoff victories two years ago.

But this team, with a core of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, is different. They’ll eventually find themselves among the pantheon of Jazz greats, if they want, because they’ve embraced a fan base so ready to embrace them.

You can always tell the casuals by what they choose to talk about when you mention Jazz basketball. It’s always a Stockton and Malone memory of some sort from the golden era of Jazz basketball.

But now Jazz fans can be happy to know it won’t be the only golden era of Jazz basketball.

Nowadays you don’t hear those stories quite as much. More often you hear about a Donovan Mitchell game winner or a Rudy Gobert block.

The golden era memories aren’t being forgotten, new memories are just being added to them.

This new golden era of Jazz basketball has already started and Jazz fans can just sit back and enjoy.

Gordon Haywood should stay “always happy” because he is reported to be receiving “strong interest” from a very uncool and not legitimate shoe deal.

There are some very hip and cool mockups already showing what may be coming.

ESPN released its latest NBA power rankings based off of the most recent offseason moves. The Jazz landed 7th.

Too low? Too high? What say you, Dunkers?

Bleacher report released its Power 50 and Donovan Mitchell received the top spot in the “Glow Up” section.

It’s a great read that includes this amazing 3d mockup.

Just a reminder that it always gets better with Donovan Mitchell.

It’s summer which means it’s ranking season. Donovan Mitchell grabbed the #71 spot in the top #100 dunks from 2017.