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Donovan Mitchell: The MVP Candidate?

Plus more of his travel log and some good memories from the last season!

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Kevin O’Connor from the Ringer put together a list of MVP sleepers and what they need to work on over the summer to increase their odds. Donovan Mitchell made the list:

Mitchell’s progress has been rapid, and he checks a lot of the boxes as an elite athlete unafraid to take clutch shots. He can defend, pass, and score from every area of the floor. He’s improved significantly already, and is part of a player-development system that typically gets the best out of its young players. If there’s any young player who can continue exceeding expectations, it’s Mitchell.

Need some more good memories of Donovan Mitchell with it being the offseason and all? Coming right up:

It’s almost easy to forget that Donovan Mitchell won the dunk contest this year. So much happened that his trophy is almost a side-story from last season. I also can’t help but wonder what other dunks Donovan might have up his sleeve if he ever competed again.

I’m pretty sure Donovan Mitchell has traveled more this summer than I have in my lifetime. This time he was in China, and with good reason!

I love how much this guy is out in the community and with the people. He also sure knows how to grow his brand.

Adrian Wojnarowski got in on some typical Jazz banter between Joe Ingles and Ricky Rubio yesterday. It was as unexpected as it was hilarious!

One of my favorite things about this team is how much they joke with each other. You can tell that they really are great friends and that the locker room truly is unique is unique in the NBA.

This last point isn’t directly Jazz related, but I thought it worth sharing anyways. LeBron James has had quite the career so far, from the unpopularity of his move to South Beach to his ceremonious return home to win a title.

His move to the LA Lakers will likely lead to some increased hate from the Utah Jazz. With that being said, he deserves a ton of credit for this awesome story.

The full article can be found on the SB Nation mothership here. I love seeing players give back like this. Thank you for your charity and contributions LeBron. Hopefully more players follow in those footsteps.