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The Utah Jazz offseason has been a lot of fun

But can the season just start already!?

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s the worst time of year when not much is happening in the basketball world and it feels like maybe the NBA will never come back again. I feel like I’m scraping along the desert floor looking for any sort of basketball oasis.

It’s time for your summertime Wednesday downbeat!

Donovan Mitchell held his first basketball camp for Utah kids and it looked like a lot of fun!

What was life like before Donovan Mitchell? Not as good, I can tell you that!

When you consider that Mitchell is just as good on the court as he is with the community , it makes you pretty grateful to be a Jazz fan.

Donovan Mitchell received the NBA’s #63 spot for TOP HANDLES.

It’s been three months since we got to see these games live but it feels like a lifetime. NBA, come back soon I have basketball needs!!

Donovan Mitchell is back in Utah and ready to get to work. Andy Larsen’s latest article for the Salt Lake Tribune, where he caught up with Mitchell, is a great read.

Through it all, Mitchell has used Salt Lake City as his home base. He’s gone to 4th of July barbecues, a performance by Kevin Hart at Vivint Arena, and many more events around town. And of course, he continues to work out with Jazz coaches and trainers to get ready for the upcoming season. Mitchell will start practicing twice a day at the Zions Bank Basketball Center in the first part of August, along with many of his Jazz teammates.

“For me to go out there and experience all of this, it’s been really cool, really special,” Mitchell said “But I understand how much more work I have to do to get to the level of James [Harden] and Dame [Lillard], all of those guys.”

I for one can’t wait to see this Jazz team back in Utah!

Back to basketball camp talk, because summer. Maybe there will be a Joe Ingles basketball camp sometime soon?

What I think is important with an Ingles camp will be the trash talk drills. In these drills kids will learn important ways to get under your opponents skin like stare downs after a corner three.

Or getting/causing techs by getting in your opponents face.

It’s an important basketball camp that should not be missed!

Speaking of Joe Ingles, let’s take this final segment to appreciate Ingles dismantling Paul George in the playoffs last year. It’s important to remember these things because certain fanbases *cough* Oklahoma City fans *cough* seem to forget.