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The Downbeat #2057: Rudy Gobert: A Modern-Day Jazz Legend

Your Thursday Downbeat!

NBA: New York Knicks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. What can be said. Last night was amazing. I am so happy the Utah Jazz won on such a special occasion. I am so happy we have a player like Rudy Gobert. As Moni would say “He’s all Ours” I can’t get over what excitement filled the arena last night. No, I wasn’t at the game but it was palpable just watching.

So the big event!

The Jazz knocked it out of the ballpark with this reunion. They did a tremendous job. Last night’s ceremony was perfect. Well done Jazz! I cheered in my living room, clapping every staff, coach, and player that was introduced. I gave standing ovations to Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Jerry Sloan. Tears welled in my eyes as the team took the stage. It was a celebration of the greatest Jazz team ever, but it was also the celebration of an era. A celebration for fans that have supported and stayed loyal to this team for over twenty years. A celebration for a coach who probably won’t be here when the 30th anniversary comes around. Well done Jazz. Bravo.

Before the game. John Stockton, Jerry Sloan, and Gail Miller held a press-conference. John Stockton was in full form. I loved his answers. I loved that he helped Sloan when Sloan began to struggle. I love that he held Gail Miller’s chair for her to sit. John Stockton was and is everything that is good about the Utah Jazz and the NBA.

PS Stockton had a great response to resting players.

Here is a link to the press conference.

John Stockton and Bryon Russell recreated the shot. It is so beautiful.

You also have to love Tony Parks incredible Hot Rod impersonation in the background.

Look how amazing Stockton looks. I mean he’s so fit. Moni posed this question.

Stockton and Malone being in shape like they are today shows to me how hard working and professional these men were in their playing days and today. Their dedication to fitness and always being healthy and ready to play is unmatched in their era and today.

I feel so fortunate that we had these two hardworking HOFers on our team for twenty years.

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Moni already has a couple of posts up on the reunion. One is a transcription of Bryon Russell’s and Greg Ostertag’s Facebook Live event and the other is quotes from a dinner the Jazz had for the 1997 team.

So the Jazz did play last night, an actual game, and they won! The Jazz won thanks in large part to Rudy Gobert. All of the excitement of the 1997 Jazz team made me start thinking about Jazz legends since the Stockton and Malone days. There aren’t really many. Legend not Super Star or All-Star. Rudy Gobert is becoming a Utah Jazz Legend. There has not been a player since the Glory Days that has cared as much about winning and not only winning but winning a championship as Rudy Gobert does. Rudy Gobert outlined with Dennis Lindsey, in his rookie year, what the thinks it will take for the Jazz to win a championship, I mean who does that! Gobert has the fiery competitive spirit that has sorely been missing from this team for a very long time.

Last night Rudy Gobert’s greatness was on full display.

Rudy showed up when the rest of the team really didn’t. Its hard when there is a big event like #jazzreunited. Some players tighten up, think of all the games we have lost while celebrating big events. But Rudy didn’t tighten up, he shined. That is what true legends do.

Gobert had the most efficient game in the NBA this season! Thank goodness that Gobert plays well when the spotlight is the brightest. Thank goodness that he loves the attention and pressure. Rudy is the best center in the NBA. Rudy is the DPOY. Rudy is a modern-day Utah Jazz legend, and he is all ours!

Stay with us forever Rudy and in twenty years we will be celebrating you too!*

*But for a championship or two!