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Utah Jazz at Atlanta Hawks Preview Podcast

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Guest podcast with Peachtree Hoops

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Today I got a chance to be on the Peachtree Hoops Podcast, and it is hosted by Phil Naessens. You know Phil, I know Phil, and this is a great look at the Utah Jazz (4-5) and the Atlanta Hawks (8-3) before they tip off tomorrow. You and I know the Jazz pretty well. We've watched all of the games and seen good things and bad things. We may not be completely familiar with the Hawks, so this podcast is pretty much in the vein of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." We discuss things that are going right for both clubs, and what's not really going right. Also the shared bloodline of Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, and Quin Snyder come up (with passing references made to DeMarre Carroll and Devin Harris).

The podcast is available here; or alternatively, just click on the widget below:

The big "what if" for the game is going to be health related. Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague may even get the night off if the Jazz are once again going to be without three starters: Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, and Rudy Gobert. If the Jazz can have one or two of those guys back it at least hides the quality / depth issue a little bit.

Millsap, and Al Horford are doing things from inside and out this year; and the Hawks offense is simply amazing -- even if they don't get to the line. Of course, no team fouls more than the Jazz, who have the early season lead on sending guys to the line. So that may work out for Atlanta there. Utah has a stellar defense, but when healthy. The one thing that really has hurt them is three point defense, and well, no team shoots more than the Hawks. Even their starting bigs face up and shoot threes.

The Jazz can play at home or the road now, and seem to be developing that necessary hard edge that good teams have. Gordon Hayward isn't killing teams right now, but early on this season Quin Snyder is trying out a number of different things. One of the things that has "worked" so far this season has to be Trey Burke and Alec Burks off the bench. Of course, if there are injuries and guys can't play then those guys have to start and the bench looks deplorable.

It will be the last game of a home-stand for the Hawks, and the last game of a four game Eastern Conference road trip for the Jazz. On paper these two teams are very far apart. One is healthy. The other isn't. One is at home. The other isn't. And ultimately, one of these two teams will leave with a victory.

And right now it looks like it's going to be the Atlanta Hawks.

Thanks for having me on the Peachtree Hoops podcast guys, and good luck tomorrow! Be sure to follow along tomorrow on twitter @peachtreehoops @flashtennis31 !