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NBA History: Golden State Warriors vs Utah Jazz -- Consistency vs highs and lows

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A historical look at the last four decades of GSW and UTA basketball

One of these guys played in the NBA Finals. One of these teams has four rings.
One of these guys played in the NBA Finals. One of these teams has four rings.
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Tonight the Utah Jazz (8-7) will attempt to do what no other team has accomplished this season, and that would to give the Golden State Warriors (18-0) their first loss of the season. Golden State, back when they were the Philadelphia Warriors, won two NBA Championships, 1947 and 1956. Since moving out to NoCal they haven't been that impressive. They lost in the NBA Finals twice, in 1963 and 1967 as the San Francisco Warriors -- but did win the title in 1975 as the Golden State Warriors. Since that victory decades ago the Dubs weren't much to talk about. They made the playoffs just 11 times in the next 40 years. That isn't impressive at all. On the other hand, the Utah Jazz haven't won any titles, the two NBA Finals trips equals that of the SF Warriors best seasons, but the Jazz have been consistently good over the years since moving from New Orleans. When you look at the last four decades of play, and see their regular season winning percentages side by side you see that Utah built huge 'mountain' of success over Golden State.

Game 016 GSW at UTA - Franchise Win Percentages

However, the Warriors started off good, and have now once again returned to being the best team in the league. Utah has been good for many years, with some bad years. Golden State has mostly been bad, but with great years on opposite sides of this time line. Last season the Warriors earned their 4th championship while the Jazz missed the playoffs for yet another year in a row. This season one team hasn't even lost. This is what greatness looks like, from our humble viewpoint from abject goodness.

I want the Jazz to win a title, just one. I don't want to wait three more decades to finally get one though.