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Warriors Stephen Curry has killed the Jazz, but is less deadly when playing at home

The bad news is that he's still really, really good.

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Tonight the Utah Jazz tip off on the road against the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs best player, and possible MVP candidate, Stephen Curry is the son of former Jazz player Dell Curry. For whatever reason the Jazz did not hold onto Dell for very long, and then spent a decade trying to find someone who could shoot like him; effectively wasting quite a bit of John Stockton and Karl Malone 's peak physical years. Dell Curry made a name for himself as a great shooter, but rarely played in the playoffs. Looking back it seems like it should have been a better marriage than just one season.

Well, for whatever reason Stephen Curry has just killed the Jazz his entire career. Revenge isn't the likely source of his motivation, rather, Steph is just really good. And defensively, well, the Jazz haven't been that solid at the PG spot over the last few seasons (though Dante Exum looks to be a quantum leap there).

For his career Steph has torched the Jazz. Behold:

2014 2015 Game 069 UTA at GWS - Stephen Curry Splits

The good news is that he's slightly less hot at home (36.84% is smaller than 47.62% from deep). The bad news is that's because it's likely a blowout and he's on the bench in the 4th instead of cooking us. Also, his assists and steals go up at home, so it's really all bad, anywhere, when you're trying to play against this guy.

Trey Burke, Dante Exum, and others like Elijah Millsap will have their hands full tonight. While the Dubs have more than just one very good player, the best team in the West really is the best team in the West because of Curry. He gets his team going, especially at home -- even if against the Jazz he's no longer shooting about 50% from deep.

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