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NBA Summer League 2015: Utah Jazz defeat Minnesota Timberwolves 91-82, Game Recap

Did the Jazz win tonight? YES THEY DID!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the Utah Jazz beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 91-82. That's never going to be something to crow about. The Jazz move to 1-1 so far in Las Vegas; but the Wolves finish up their pre-tournament play 1-2. That leaves a door open for Utah to go ahead of them with a win tomorrow night against the Phoenix Suns. Sure, I guess the main issue here is always going to start with which guys didn't play. For the Jazz we didn't see Dante Exum or Rodney Hood or Grant Jerrett. And JaJuan Johnson got hurt during the game and didn't return. The Timberwolves were without Zach Lavine. Both teams weren't at full strength, but that's not what matters. The Summer League is a situation where you try to win despite challenges. And the Jazz were better prepped to win.

The early going was a little rough with both teams missing easy shots and turning the ball over. The #1 pick in the NBA Draft, Karl-Anthony Towns and Adreian Payne had solid games, but when both teams were fighting for that win I think Jack Cooley, Trey Lyles, and Brock Motum got it done. And while the Jazz kept the Wolves at arms reach for most of the game, Minny did make it close a few times. But outside of the hustle of Othyus Jeffers and some solid play from former Jazz guy Nick Wiggins, they didn't have much.

Utah had huge performances from Jared Cunningham, J.J. O'Brien, and Brock Motum. Jared finished with 17 points, J.J. with 13, and Brock with 12 -- 10 in the decisive fourth quarter. The Jazz had a big 32-20 win in the second, but led the Wolves back into it in the third. Motum, in short succession, hit two threes, and got a tough inverted layup around Karl-Anthony. Towns had 14 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 fouls.

At times it looked like he was being outplayed by Trey Lyles, and they matched up against one another. Lyles finished with 13 and 9, and he hit a three!

Overall, this was a much better game than the one against the Miami Heat, though, Bryce Cotton didn't have a great one. Olivier Hanlan finally woke up though, so perhaps this is fine in the short term? I dunno.

The Jazz play the Suns tomorrow and finish up their prelim round in Vegas.