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Sacramento Kings 103 Utah Jazz 101 Game Recap: Rudy Gay hits game winner, spoiling impressive comeback

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What a way to lose . . .

Rudy Gay drinks Joe Ingles' milkshake
Rudy Gay drinks Joe Ingles' milkshake
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

This game was, in the most clinical sense, a turd for the Utah Jazz, who lost to the Sacramento Kings 103-101. Utah was incapable of making a shot, especially a three pointer, for most of the first half. For a team playing without their best inside scorer, you kind of need some sort of outside attack. At a point during the game Utah missed 10 straight threes, which helped Sacramento build a 26-12 lead in the first quarter, and a 11 point halftime lead. Gordon Hayward and Rodney Hood were not shooting any good, but Trey Lyles and Trey Burke were keeping the team just outside of being blown out. But the Kings did their thing, and let the other team come back. Utah had a furious finish in the fourth, with Lyles, Burke, Hood, and Hayward all making big shots in the fourth.

They chipped away by fouling and finding the net on the other end. (And a few extra FTA were nice to have too.) Quin Snyder gambled by not fouling on the King's second to last play where Rajon Rondo was forced by his abject openness to shoot a 20 footer and bricked it, while Rudy Gobert and Hayward gathered the ball. After the time out Hayward found inbounder Joe Ingles open, he took one dribble and buried the three. Tie game, 101-101. Of course, because of reasons, Rudy Gay went one on one against Trey Lyles and made the jumper before time expired.


It wasn't the best game for the Jazz, but it was remarkable that they were in position to tie it up with 4.1 seconds to go, and nearly brought it to overtime.

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The good news was that the team fought back. The bad news was that the team didn't seem to respond at all to getting beat bad the night before. The worse news is that Rudy Gobert tweaked his previously healed injury and was very ginger in the fourth quarter. He may not play next game. The "can't this stop" news is that Trevor Booker got injured, and even the Jazz Bear mascot was out because of illness.


DeMarcus Cousins was big, scoring 36 points, pulling down 17 rebounds, and hitting two threes. He also went 14-21 from the free throw line. Rudy Gay won the game and had 24 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 steals. Rajon Rondo had 13 assists. Omri Casspi and Marco Belinelli both chipped in with double digits in points off the bench. On the flipside, four Jazz starters had at least 13 points. I know, I'm as surprised as you are. Gordon led the team with 21 points (going 13/16 from the line helps a lot when you are shooting 4/17). Trey Lyles scored 19 (new career high!), Rodney Hood had 15 (5/14 shooting isn't that hot), and Raul Neto added 13 (kid makes threes). Rudy Gobert at 12 rebounds, and two blocks, but only two points. Off the bench Trey Burke scored 17, though he was 0/6 from deep.

As a team the Jazz shot 17% from outside, so it's not just Trey who missed a chance to win the game. Everyone had trouble with open shots tonight. Also, I felt like Ingles would hit double digits, but he only scored 8 points. Boo Amar.

Utah has a night off and will host the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday.