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Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls Overtone: Deja Vu Anyone? Bulls at Jazz on National TV

TNT is in the house. Tonight’s game sure to be dynamite.

Head Coach Jerry Sloan

The Chicago Bulls are in town tonight and the whole basketball world will be watching. Well, maybe not the whole basketball world but anyone who wants to stay up late and watch two quality basketball teams will be. It’s hard not to think about the back to back Finals series between the two teams when you think about these two teams playing on a national stage. We even got Marv Albert in the house tonight.

This question was posed on the Zone radio station (the radio home of the Utah Jazz in Utah) today by the Big Show’s Spencer Checketts: Where were you when Jordan pushed off/hit the shot? Like it or not, this is an iconic sports moment. And, this is a fun thought exercise.

I was watching the game at my grandparents’ house. I was 12. I was devastated. But I rarely remember the devastation. I always remember the time spent with my grandparents during those years. They lived on the next street over from me and watched every game. During national games (like this one) they would do as Hot Rod Hundley instructed: they turned the radio on and muted the national TV broadcast. The radio transmission was a couple of seconds quicker than the TV feed, so I heard the call of Jordan hitting the shot a second sooner than I saw it happen. Both of my grandparents are gone now but the memories of watching Jazz games with them are some of my most cherished.

Where were you when Jordan pushed off/hit the shot?

Dennis Scott will also be in the house tonight. He was also on the Zone radio today talking about how he underestimated how good the Jazz would be this year. He also mentioned he did an interview with Gordon Hayward today about what it means to being a shooter. You can find that interview in its entirety here.

Lastly, I love that the Jazz decided to show their support for Craig Sager today. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a quick video the Jazz posted:

Go Jazz!