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Utah Jazz at Charlotte Hornets Overtone

Not many memorable moments, you know, aside from LAST season . . .

Jazz V Hornets

Well, now that the election is over hopefully we can all get along and move on with our lives........including being extremely pumped about the Utah Jazz this year. Not only have they started 2-0 on this eastern road trip, but they have looked good doing it.

Tonight as you may know, they go head to head with the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is good team and is currently sitting at number 2 in the East thanks to an "under the radar" 5-1 record. They are a team a lot like us in that they don't really have a superstar, but they have a nice collection of borderline all-star players and they are very well coached. They beat us last year in a memorable triple OT game on MLK jr. day, so hopefully we can get a better result tonight.

Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

These two teams do not have an extreme amount of history between them but they have played 53 times head to head and the Jazz lead the series 36-17 all time.

Obviously, there is no playoff history because that would mean the two met in the finals and unless I was sleeping, that never happened.

The Hornets have had quite a history in Charlotte, the original franchise was created as an expansion team in 1988 and was extremely popular throughout the 90's with players such as Larry Johnson, Dell Curry and Alonzo Mourning. That franchise; however, was relocated to New Orleans in 2002 and they took the Hornets name with them. Technically a new franchise was created in 2004 called the Charlotte Bobcats and eventually they were able to retake the Hornets name a couple of years ago.

Even though there is really no specific memorable moment in Jazz vs. Hornets history, I remember some of the fun battles between Karl Malone and Larry Johnson, cringing when Dell Curry would nail a 3 to bury us (the Jazz always used to get burned by a 3point sharpshooter it seems like).

I for one am extremely looking forward to the game tonight as I think that if the Jazz can pick this win up, I think they can sweep the rest of this trip. Only time will tell but get pumped because the Jazz are winning games right now that no one expected them to and there is no reason why they shouldn't. Cheers.