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Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings: Five Things to Watch

Rudy vs Boogie: Round 2

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Utah Jazz
Rudy and Boris
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings (11-17) are coming to town after a barn burner in Portland and the Utah Jazz return after just being burned by the Warriors. Let’s get started.

1. Stifle Tower vs Boogie: Round 2.

Last time Rudy faced Boogie he took him completely out of his game holding him to 16 points on 7/22 shooting. This is even more impressive when you consider Boogie’s talent. For example, last night against Portland Cousins scored 55 points on 60% shooting.

Rudy is the REAL generational talent, guys.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

2. Will there be craziness on the court?

Surprising no one, last night Cousins had a crazy altercation with officials and the Portland bench. He either spat out his mouthpiece or it flew out of his mouth as he said not nice things to Mason Plumlee and Meyers Leonard. This is easily one of the craziest sequences I’ve ever seen on an NBA court. Anyways, you be the judge, was it a spit or did it fall out?

Then in his post game interview things got “ridiculous” and his mic got cut.

Demarcus Cousins will always draw intrigue. I don’t know if he’ll ever get his emotions in check and be a part of a winning culture, but I do know that I will watch whenever he has an epic meltdown like these.

3. Will there be craziness in the locker room?

Cousins recently received some heat, and a $50,000 fine, for his behavior towards some of the local Sacramento media. Today, after the win in Portland he was all smiles. I can’t tell if he is genuine here, or maniacal. Probably just genuinely maniacal.

4. Can the Jazz bounce back after an abysmal performance in Golden State?

It was a rough night for the Jazz against the Warriors. Gordon Hayward scored 6 points on 2/10 shooting and was a -23. Rodney Hood had 0 points on 0/5 shooting and had to leave the game with gastric distress.

Overall, it was a bad night for the Jazz. Now, they have a back to back coming from a pacific time zone which can be notoriously rough on a team. Hopefully the Jazz can take out some frustration on the Kings and get this win. The worst thing here would be to hold on to anything negative from the Warriors loss.

5. Can the Jazz get a big lead and hold it?

This is an important game for Utah to try to win with as little as effort as possible. One of the small benefits of getting blown out by Golden State last night was that players were able to rest in the fourth quarter.

The Jazz are going to face a tough Toronto Raptors in what will be the 3rd game in 4 nights on Friday, just before their Christmas break. If the Jazz want to be fresh for that game it’ll help to not have to play starters too many 4th quarter minutes.

Go Jazz!