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Golden State Warriors 106 - Utah Jazz 99: Game Recap

I’m almost rooting for the ‘Big one’ after games reffed like this

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz (14-10) three-game win streak is over, thanks to the Golden State Warriors (20-3) — but more likely thanks to injuries that kept George Hill (starter), Rodney Hood (starter), Gordon Hayward (starter), Derrick Favors (starter), and Alec Burks (bench) out of the game. Golden State loves beating up on injured teams, flexing and patting themselves on the back all the way. They didn’t get such satisfaction tonight as Steve Kerr had to put in most of his starters in the fourth quarter to stave off a very determined and devil-may-care defensive stand by the Jazz.

Yeah, Golden State started the game by blasting the Jazz 35-17 after one quarter. Their radio buffoons were even positing that Rudy Gobert (the sole starter for the Jazz who wasn’t injured) was at the level of JaVale McGee. That just goes to show you that you don’t actually have to be intelligent to be on the radio. But Quin Synder had a plan, even if he had to use his 12th different starting line-up of the season in game 24. Utah clamped down in the 3rd (holding the Dubs to just 17 points) and the 4th (24 points) — 41 points in a half isn’t so hot for the best damn team of all sports of all time in any universe (that had a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and lost).

In a game where Stephen Curry fouls Kevin Durant, and have the refs call it against Joe Johnson I am still a little too heated to write anyone of worth.

These Jazzmen didn’t roll over. The going was tough, but they didn’t quit. Rudy finished with 20/17, and was huge in shutting down the Warriors.

Joe Ingles dropped 21 (5 threes), 5 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 assists, and one block.

Shelvin Mack had 19 and 5. He and fellow starter (for tonight) Dante Exum shot a combined 7-27 from the field, and a horrible 1-13 from deep.

Utah kept their turn overs down to off-set their poor shooting — and were down by single digits for much of the late fourth quarter. The seven point loss is a loss, but a badge of honor. And a statement of intent.

The Jazz have the next night off, and will host the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night.