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Utah Jazz at Dallas Mavericks - Checking in on Deron, Wesley, Devin, and company

Five "Jazzmen" are wearing Mavs gear this season. How are they doing?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Tonight the Utah Jazz face the Dallas Mavericks. Compared to the last 15 opponents the Jazz have played (Suns, Bucks, Nuggets, Bulls, Timberwolves, Hornets, Pistons, Nets, Knicks, Hornets, Lakers, Kings, Trail Blazers, Lakers, Heat) the Mavs will be a tough team to beat. For one, the Jazz only went 10-5 over that soft part of the schedule. For another, Dallas is no joke with a 15-10 home record and are itching to reach their 30th win of the season. If we're still looking for reasons to fear the Mavs we do not have to look much farther than than the fact that the Jazz went 1-3 against them last season, and are 31-49 in Texas against their team. Oh, you want something more? Okay, star player and future Hall of Fame forward Dirk Nowitzki has career averages of 23.3 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2.1 apg, and shoots .518 / .415 / .903 against the Jazz in 61 career games. So while it's going to be a tough game, it's also going to be one where Jazz fans get to see some of their former players as well.

Dallas has four "Jazzmen" on their roster right now: former All-star and #3 draft pick Deron Williams; Devin Harris -- the player he was traded for; former Dunk Contest winner Jeremy Evans; our great diamond in the rough undrafted rookie Wesley Matthews; and one time North African summer league man of mystery Salah Mejri! (N.B. Salah's stats are from his summer league games. He did not make the Jazz team or play in any regular season games.) Not all of them are having great seasons. And almost all of them had better years in Utah than they are having this season.


Game 051 UTA at DAL - Deron Wesley Devin Jeremy Salah

Deron is still serviceable, while Wes is just overall just over his peak right now. Devin is hurt, and Jeremy can't beat out Salah for playing time. I still wish all of these guys the best for their careers. But for at least tonight, I hope they all play poorly.