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Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward to return to action tonight against Chicago Bulls

Hayward is in!

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz forward, and ostensibly most important offensive player this season, Gordon Hayward missed the last two games because of plantar fasciitis. The Jazz beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 94-85 back on Monday, and then play without him again and defeated the Phoenix Suns 103-69 on Thursday. The team will start an important five-game road trip tonight that won't end until another week from now. The plan was to play some of this trip without Hayward, but according to multiple sources -- including the team themselves -- they are going to go with Gordon from the jump, tonight! In Quin Snyder we trust.

Our friend and favorite beatwriter Jody Genessy (of the Deseret News) tweeted the following sequence which may be more useful to everyone involved:

So do you agree with Snyder? Would you rest Gordon tonight? Or knowing that the Bulls are super-duper injured do you go for the jugular?