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Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard above the law, will be good go to against Utah Jazz


Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow the Houston Rockets are playing on the road against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and then will host the Utah Jazz in a very important back-to-back set for the two lower seeded teams. You see, that game on Wednesday will determine the first tie-breaker between the Jazz and Rockets. And right now 1.0 games separate the two teams in the Western Conference standings. As an intrepid Jazzfan I'm always on the lookout for ways to punch up my team, and poop on our rivals. Houston fits the bill, especially in a season where they are fighting for the playoffs against one another. A great example is what Dwight Howard did -- and finally got caught for -- in their road game against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. If you are just getting caught up, well, Dwight Howard was caught sticky-handed using the banned substance colloquially known as "stickum".

The NBA just announced that they don't care.

From Charania's article:

The NBA will not fine or suspend Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard for use of an adhesive substance Saturday night but sent a memo to all 30 teams that its usage is "strictly prohibited," league sources told The Vertical.

Howard cooperated with NBA security officials over the past day, and the league advised teams Monday that all equipment used for games must be appropriate for a basketball and any substance that could gain an advantage is not prohibited.

Howard used a spray on his hands before re-entering Saturday's 109-97 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. When Howard touched the basketball and it was bounced to Hawks All-Star Paul Millsap at the free-throw line, Millsap noticed the stickiness and the referees replaced the ball.

- Shams Charania, Yahoo! Sports / The Vertical 2016

A Houston Rockets beat writer, Jonathan Feigen, goes all in:

And his Magnum Opus on the topic can be found here:

Personally, Dwight Howard should be fired out of a cannon into the sun for his deceitful, malicious, and calculated cheating. Truly, he is the Bill Belichick of the NBA. And his super villainy knows no bounds. Or failing that, be fined and suspended for the #UTAatHOU game.

Of course, none of that is going to happen. But I did need an excuse to say that the Rockettes suck. And they flop. And travel. And somehow get away with hitting players in the heads on defense and not having that called as a flagrant foul. And I hope that the Jazz beat them on Wednesday.