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Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has scored a lot over his career against the Utah Jazz


Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is on his farewell tour, and he's going to be playing his last game ever in Utah tonight against the Utah Jazz. Let's be clear, I have booed this guy over his entire career and it's not going to stop just because he's retiring. I have a legit reason to dislike Kobe, he has made a career out of torching my team. For reals. Over his entire career he averages 25.6 ppg against the Jazz in the regular season (58 games). The only teams he has a higher PPG average against are the Portland Trail Blazers (27.3 ppg, 62 games), Golden State Warriors (27.0, 67 games), Toronto Raptors (27.0 ppg, 33 games), New Orleans Pelicans (26.9 ppg, 40 games), Sacramento Kings (26.5 ppg, 64 games), Houston Rockets (26.5 ppg, 60 games), New York Knicks (26.5 ppg, 34 games), and Phoenix Suns (26.0 ppg, 64 games). I don't some of those teams have the adversarial relationship with Kobe that Utah does -- after all, Kobe has faced the Jazz in the NBA Playoffs five different times over his career if I am counting correctly.

If you include the playoffs then Kobe has faced the Jazz 82 different times, with two more games to play. (Game by game boxscores here by In those 82 games he has hit for double digits 73 times. For those keeping score at home, he went for 20+ points 55 times, 30+ points 31 times, 40+ points 7 times, and 50+ points just once. To better visualize the carnage, here you go -- from 18 year old Bean to 37 year old Mamba.

2015 2016 Game 74 - Kobe Bryant Career vs UTAH

He is past his peak, thankfully, but I don't know if the Jazz hold him to just 5.0 ppg over the next two games. He has scored a lot. But, well, he has made his career on that. I only wish that he wasn't retiring and that he plays another two seasons with the Lakers. It will truly be a joy to play them for years to come if that was the case.

Anyway Kobe. You're my age, you are old. But it was always a joy to see my guys compete against you. May you be booed lustfully tonight, as you deserve. You wouldn't have it any other way.