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Golden State Warriors 103 Utah Jazz 96 OT Game Recap: Dot the Is, Cross the Ts, or else

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In the big picture, you never like getting swept in the season series

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz lost to the Golden State Warriors, as predicted. The game ended in overtime, which no one predicted, but predictably in favor of the Warriors whose 14-7 final run capped an impressive 103-96 victory on the road. Both teams blew double digit leads in this one, but the Jazz shot themselves in the foot in the fourth quarter by bricking free throw after free throw. This is a Utah Jazz victory if not for their 4 for 14 masonry at the line in the final regulation quarter. It's a win they should have had that would have been all the more impressive because Derrick Favors sustained a knee injury and had to leave during the first half. Utah was already without actually athletic defenders Dante Exum and Alec Burks. Quin Snyder's Xs and Os were on point in this game as the Jazz switched almost everything while rotating around their Rudy Gobert axis on defense. If the game ended in regulation it would have been one of the lowest scoring outputs for the Dubs in the season. Instead they ran buck-wild in overtime and Utah looked like the team on the second night of a back to back, and not them.

Critical plays were had on both sides. After a Stephen Curry missed three late in the fourth Gordon Hayward hit one to put the Jazz up three. Shortly after Steph Curry got stripped by Gordon Hayward as the team whittled the clock down. Sadly it was for naught as the Warriors tied the game up with a Klay Thompson three off of an offensive rebound. With 15 seconds left in the game the Jazz somehow got the ball to Shelvin Mack (not exactly Trey Burke when it comes to game winners) who got blocked -- Hayward had a chance to volley the ball into the net, but failed as time expired.

Despite scoring first in OT it felt like making it to OT meant that the Warriors would walk out with a win. Which is what they did, and are now 6-0 in overtime games. The Jazz fall to 5-4.

I'm not going to bag on my team. They fought hard despite injuries, but failed to take care of the small things down the stretch: turn overs, free throws, and controlling their defensive glass. Taking Gobert out on that last pre-OT possession was a Gregg Popovich move -- which we remember was one that resulted in an offensive rebound for Chris Bosh and a three for Ray Allen. Similar-ish situation tonight by the Popovich disciple, no Rudy no defensive rebound, and no win.

Utah wins this game is they don't shoot 28% from three and 44% from the three throw line. Utah didn't win this game though. After a while you can't let these shots get away from you. Maybe it's a Jazz win if both teams are healthy (they were without Iggy and Elezi)? Maybe it doesn't matter if you miss 10 4th quarter free throws, including a few Chick-fil-A's.

Utah wasn't supposed to win, and they didn't. The fact that they should have won is the upsetting part. They'll get back on track on Friday when they host the Minnesota Timberwolves to close their three game homestand.