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Minnesota Timberwolves big time scoring history against the Utah Jazz -- Lone Wolves, not a pack

This list was actually pretty surprising

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz host the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight. The T-Wolves joined the NBA decades after the Jazz did, and it took them a very long time to shed that "expansion team" label. They've suffered like many smaller markets in cold weather cities by having their best players routinely leave them either by forcing a trade or in NBA Free Agency.. That really sucks, and the team has seen very little playoff success as well. A big part of that has to be their roster turn over year to year. Another more tangible problem is that they just haven't had big scorers -- even their lotto picks have fallen flat. There's hope right now for Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. Both young men are natural scorers who can slice up a modern NBA defense. They'll have a challenge tonight against the Jazz, one of the best defending clubs there are.

But before we get there, let's look at the history of Wolves scorers against the Jazz.

25 Points 26 Points 27 Points 28 Points 29 Points
Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year
1 Al Jefferson 2009 Chuck Person 1993 Nikola Pekovic 2014 James Robinson 1997 Kevin Garnett 1999
2 Isaiah Rider 1995 Gerald Glass 1992 Poor Richardson 1992 Jonny Flynn 2009 Kevin Garnett 2000
3 Karl-Anthony Towns 2015 Joe Smith 1999 Sam Cassell 2003 Mike James 2006 Michael Williams 1993
4 Kevin Garnett 2005 Kevin Garnett 2002 Zach LaVine 2015 Tom Gugliotta 1996 Michael Williams 1993
5 Kevin Garnett 2007 Kevin Garnett 2003 Tony Campbell 1990
6 Kevin Love 2010 Kevin Garnett 2006
7 Kevin Love 2012 Stephon Marbury 1998
8 Poor Richardson 1991 Tyrone Corbin 1989
9 Rodney Carney 2009 Wally Szczerbiak 2005
10 Ryan Gomes 2009
11 Stephon Marbury 1998
12 Terrell Brandon 2000
13 Tony Campbell 1989
14 Tony Campbell 1991
30 Points 31 Points 32 Points 33 Points 34 Points
Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year
1 Shabazz Muhammad 2014 Kevin Garnett 2000 Karl-Anthony Towns 2016 Stephon Marbury 1996 Kevin Garnett 2003
2 Stephon Marbury 1998 Kevin Garnett 2006 Ricky Davis 2007 Tony Campbell 1990 Tony Campbell 1989
3 Wally Szczerbiak 2002
35 Points 36 Points 37 Points 38 Points 39 Points
Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year Player Year
1 Kevin Martin 2014 Kevin Love 2014 Stephon Marbury 1997
2 Wally Szczerbiak 2002

Hopefully I'm not jinxing the team, but no Wolves player has scored 39 or more points against the Jazz, ever. I really hope that tonight is not that night.

Anyway, who is the most surprising name on this list?