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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Utah Jazz Overtone: And One!

At least you knew when Boozer was on the court

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz, Game 3 Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

I did enjoy it.

No, really.

There’s something about people on the court being loud without it being cause for a fine. It shows engagement, exhumes fun, and functions as a rallying cry.

Sure, not being on the court for half your contract takes away some of that. Could be worse though.

You could’ve let him go out of a small contract thinking you’ve reached a verbal for a bigger contract, just for him to leave to a different state.

Carlos Boozer portrait Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/ Getty Images

Then again, you could get LeBron James back and win a title, so not feeling too sorry for them now that chapter’s closed, really.

Carlos Boozer was, however, essential for the Jazz post Stockton-and-Malone era. He averaged a 20-10 two seasons, and a double-double for four. Sure, defense. Sure, not a stifling pairing along with Mehmet Okur.

In his last season with the Utah Jazz he shot 56% from the field. And you know that wasn’t just lay-ins and put backs either. He dished out 3 assists per game to boot.

He averaged 12+ rebounds in four seasons of play-offs. He shot over 52% in three of them. He scored 20+ in two. He was instrumental in getting them to the first (and so far, only) WCF since John Stockton helmed the point. He has won three first rounds in the play-offs with Utah.

They are the only first rounds the Jazz have won in the 21st century.

Some Cavs fans and some Jazz fans share a dislike for Boozer. And perhaps he has given plenty of people plenty of reason to do so.

The last time Boozer played in a Jazz uniform against his first team in the NBA the Jazz beat the Cavaliers 97-96. LeBron James scored 26 points, former Jazz Mo Williams added 10. Shaquille O’Neal also played.

Carlos Boozer had 19 points shooting dismally. Okur and Ronnie Price had 13 points for the Jazz. The Jazz ended with Sundiata Gaines, Ronnie Price, Kyle Korver, CJ Miles, and Mehmet Okur on the floor. I have no idea how the Jazz win this one.

Except that Sloan calls for a time-out with five seconds left. The double screen for Korver fails, who passes to Price, who passes to Sundiata Gaines.

Who scores a buzzer beater.